John Dayal: Calls US Congress to interfere in India’s internal matters/elections

By: (name withheld for privacy reason)
Following excerpt from John Dayal’s testimony show his call for interference by the U.S. in India’s internal matters including elections.  Excerpt shows how he bases his call for interference by using atrocities literature compiled and summarized.

Using atrocities literature as the motivation for action

These fears are compounded by increasing radicalization of the political discourse including rhetoric about disenfranchising religious minorities. I wish to bring to the attention of the honorable Members of Congress the realities of the situation of religious minorities on the ground in India. We have spoken of the anti-Sikh massacres, the Christian massacres in Orissa and the recent violence in Muzaffarnagar. But in the past 12 months preceding these elections, Christians have themselves faced 153 cases of violence against us. My colleague Vijayesh Lal, sitting behind me, is one of the forces noticing, recording these cases. And this is just the proven cases.

The use of state, missionary and law enforcement apparatus to harass, intimidate and disenfranchise religious minorities, indulge in mass violence against minorities followed by the extension of impunity to the perpetrators of violence the Government of India itself, in Parliament, has acknowledged 30,000 cases of violence in the last 60 years on record. Most of these cases have seen no persecution of the perpetrators including the police and other forces that I have mentioned. This could increase many-fold.

Calling for direct influence to coerce India

I will take this opportunity therefore to urge the United States Government and the U.S. Congress and indeed all people of the world to engage in the dialogue with the Government of India on issues of human rights and freedom of faith. These rights are guaranteed under the Indian constitution but are violated with impunity all too often. India is a huge market and investment destination and this has so far successfully managed and encouraged the government to ignore or rebuff the scant concerns shown by the international community.

 Calling for influencing Indian elections

I am not going to focus on the issues because my three co-panelists have focused on all of them. I am going to focus on what are the challenges India will face when elections portend to present a result which is prophesied in newspapers and television columns: what happens if Mr. Modi comes to power. I think we now in India face serious challenges to the secular and pluralistic traditions of a country and religious minorities such as Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, and Adivasis are generally fearful of what the future portends.

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