Europian MPs Visit to Shrinagar and Fake Indian Intellectuals

By: Parmanand Pandey, Advocate, Supreme Court (Secretary General IPC)

Look at the audacity and the abominable duplicity of some journalists, intellectuals and politicians of our own country, who are opposing the visit of the MPs of the European Union to the Jammu and Kashmir. They are putting forward the most obnoxious, stupid and shameless logic saying that why the foreigners have been allowed by the government to go to the Valley when our own MPs were denied entry in Srinagar? Some of the Indian political leaders like Rahul Gandhi, D Raja ,Ghulam Nabi Azad, Sitaram Yechury and Majid Memon have been spewing venoms, day in and day out against the Indian government after the scrapping of the Articles 370 and 35A, and they were returned from the airport on 24th of August. The reason to deny them the right to visit J & K on that day is not difficult to fathom.

They were going to Srinagar only 20 days after the historic integration of J&K when there was blockade in the valley. It was undoubtedly a right decision on the part of the government to deny them the entry to the valley because their intention of going to Srinagar was known to entire India. They wanted to give grist to the propaganda mill of Pakistan. But here is a question, which they will have to answer and that is: can any Indian politician be so blind with hatred against Modi that he or she will have no hesitation in being treacherous to the country? When the views of these politicians, who are ready to play into the hands of Pakistan is known to everyone, how can they be allowed to go to J&K?

The visit of the EU MPs, therefore, to the J&K must be hailed by all Indians because what they say would have weight in the world and that would be a tight slap on the face of Pakistan and Pakistan-loving journalists and mercenary intellectuals of India. Government of India and our security forces deserve fulsome praise for most effectively handling the law and order situation in J&K in the wake of the abrogation of two articles, which were blots on the Indian constitution and instrument of the denial of fundamental rights to the citizens of India who happened to live J & K.

Shockingly, these politicians, sold-out journalists and foreign-funded greedy intellectuals have even failed to condemn the killings of five Bengali Muslim labourers in Kashmir today. Yes, they were Muslim labourers because they mistakenly thought that terrorists would not touch them as they belonged to their religion. This is the time all Muslims of India must show their solidarity with Modi by taking a vow that they will fight against the Pakistan sponsored terrorists.

The day is not far away when Pakistan itself will be eithet forced by the circumstances to completely transform itself from a religious terrorist state into a modern normal peace- loving state or wiped out from the map of the earth because of its own internal bickering. And the day this rogue state is either transformed or finished, the problem of terrorism in the entire world would be largely defeated. But before that our internal enemies must be exposed, named and shamed and punished.

Kashmir, Article 370 and Distortion of Truth by Western Media

Speaking the truth: The biased western media – particularly BBC and CNN – against India and distorting the truth of Kashmir.

Human Rights Violation in Kashmir? By Whom?

Pakistan has been crying hoarse from rooftops that India is committing human rights violation in Kashmir. From this seemingly principled plank, this country (Pakistan) is seeking to justify its open support (with men, material and money) to terrorists – indigenous and Pakistanis but mostly Pakistanis – operating in Jammu and Kashmir state of India labelling them as freedom fighters.

Not only Pakistan is using this plank against India, even the pro-Pakistani separatist overground militant political leaders operating in the state of Jammu and Kashmir too are justifying their so-called freedom struggle. These people do not look to themselves, what they are doing – and what they have done – to the minority communities living in Kashmir.

While accusing India of violating human rights of its citizens in this Indian state, Pakistan does not look to what it has done to its minorities living in Pakistan. In fact, this country conveniently glosses over any such uncomfortable questions to delude the international community.

It is well-known tactics of assaulting others and playing of themselves as victims. How to expose this false propaganda?

One technique to expose the falsity of such propaganda was devised by Israel and successfully used in the United Nations against the Arab accusation of its human rights violation of its minorities. Watch how Israel is responding to the anti-Israel Muslim countries’ false accusation by posing a counter question in the United Nations in the following video.

Isreal by its response based on facts forced the Arab accusers to keep their mouth shut.

Watch this video first. And, then, we have some questions for those who accuse India of violating human rights in Kashmir; and the question for Pakistan – the self-appointed champion of human rights in Kashmir – to answer.

A few score of decades back, in Kashmir Pandits were in majority of population. Now, our question to separatists – who accuse India of violating human rights in Kashmir: “Where are your Pandits?”

In 1947, when Pakistan was created, there were 23% Hindus in Pakistan. Now, 2% of them are left. The question to Pakistan: “Where are your Hindus?”

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