Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Bimal Prasad Jain

The house of Bimal Prasad Jain was in Khari Baoli. He originally hailed from Sisana in Meerut District. At the end of July 1929, it was decided that they would make picric acid in the house of Gajanand Sada Shiv Potdar in Gwalior for filling bombs.

Azad sent Vaishampayan somewhere to bring apparatus and acids for this purpose and he brought them. Vaishampayan also purchased in Gwalior antimony tri-sulphate, potassium chlorate and sulphur.  Azad, Sada Shiv Rao, Gajanand Sada Shiv Potdar, and K began to make picric acid.

After two unsuccessful attempts they sought the help of D.V. Tailang who was a class fellow of Potdar and a member of the party who used to come there. Tailing referred them to J.V. Cochen’s ‘Practical Chemistry’ and following the instructions in it, they succeeded in making picric acid.

They also started to make tin bombs, that is, cigarette-tins. These bombs were made with a view to defend themselves if necessary as they had not sufficient weapons. These bombs were filled with sulphur, antimony tri-sulphide, sugar and potassium chlorate. Some were also filled with picric acid.

They also made a cast-iron shell. One of the tin bomb was taken away by Vaishampayan, Sada Shiv Rao, Bhagwan Das and Kailaspati to a hill outside Gwalior for experiment. They threw one and it exploded well and found by experiment that the bombs made by them were satisfactory. The other three were kept to be used in case of need or if any ‘action’ took place.

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