Wake Up Bharat! Before it is Too Late!!

By: Francois Gautier  (addition by Shreepal Singh)

The strategy of forces opposing Modi’s efforts to make India a nation to reckon with is becoming more and more sharp and focussed with each passing day.

They know that they don’t have an alternative face but they are smartly playing on their strengths and using the Achilles heel of a party in power.

They know that just by numbers a single opposition party can never ever beat Modi-led BJP, so their best bet is to demoralize fence-sitting Hindus by bombarding them with negative news 24/7 and that’s when the voter percentage goes down. If they can manage to get enough Hindus to not vote, they can reduce BJP to a point where they cannot form government

All the deep assets of the ecosystem are coming out now.

Entire force of mass communication – media, sleeper and social media cells – is being activated to promote short-term pains of mega steps like demonetization & GST.

Every Abrahamic riot and crime is being completely hidden while any incident in BJP states is being highlighted.

The entire focus is to put this rising India under Modi on a backfoot and force this India to do nothing but to constantly defend.

The root cause of the problem is that the general Hindu populace just don’t get the idea that this is not merely about “development”. It is about “cultural survival along with economic development”.

It would have been perfectly fine if we had a pro India opposition with a different approach to things. Then we could have a legitimate debate on which approach is better for Bharath.

However the opposition is rabidly anti India and anti Hindu. They are not merely anti BJP.

If they win you can forget not only any itsy bitsy “developmegnt” but you can wave good-bye to the “idea of India and Indic faiths”.

But unfortunately while most of the Indic faith people just don’t sense this mortal danger to their very existence, Abrahamics sense it very well. Abrahamics are extremely clear-headed and know their objective of conversion, expansion & domination very well.

They will never ever vote BJP regardless of development. They will only vote for the party that permits their agenda to flourish.

It all depends on how Modi-Shah are able to consolidate mass Hjndu votes to replace the fence sitters Hindus that are being lost to neutrality induced by fake and negative news.

So far Modi-Shah have done a good job. They have tapped into segments unheard of before and completely changed the game in many state elections to make vote bank politics irrelevant.

Hope they do it in 2019 too!!

The kind of mega changes and fundamental DNA shifts that Modi-Shah are aiming for is colossal and is a 15-20 year job.

Upper class anglicized corporate type Hindus are unable to fathom how you need to build a foundation to convert India into a developed country.

For a regular observer india cannot visibly become a Switzerland or USA in 5 years. Create an US or Switzerland without slave labor or money from colonial markets is a mammoth task that takes a certain collective mentality & decades of focus.

But upper class Hindus will keep repeating that ground reality is not changing – which is a myopic view of things.

Do you Hindus really think that your abjectly poor sub Saharan nation will look and behave like Singapore in 3 years? Thank your gods if it looks like Singapore in 30 years let alone 3.

It’s best to not bank on the fickle upper class Hindu votes as they neither have numbers nor understanding of the situation nor suffer the miseries of regular Indians on a daily basis. They live sheltered cut off lives and expect the world to change and Rome to be built in one day.

It’s going to be an uphill battle which was looking pretty easy till few months ago. How Modi-Shah play this civilizational game of chess remains to be seen.

Addition by: Shreepal Singh

Ordinary Indians are unable to grasp the issue before India today. And such people are in large number. They are the fence-sitters and can easily be persuaded to join this side or that side of the fence – this side for Modi or that side against Modi. The future of rising India will depend on their decision to join this side or that side.

The biggest problem facing the new rising India is that here in this country the ruling dispensation – BJP – is a “closed-door organization”, which is not able to tap into the vast amount of human resource that otherwise is available for this new India’s rising effort. This country is replete to the brim with an untapped brilliant Indic faiths’ force, which force can not only bring such fence-sitters to this side of the fence to commit them to the national cause in hand today but can also consolidate the otherwise divided force of the Indic faiths. But the ruling dispensation is mired in rigid party confines in the name of “party discipline and party interest”. But the reality is that this dispensation is filled with a good number of position seekers, with people on the look-out of greener pasture and opportunists, who leave no space for the fresh blood in this organization.

It is an Indian reality that a large number of Hindus and people of other Indic faiths have no interest in politics but many of them have the quality of their personal character and ability to influence the society around them. They are not eager to join politics but they can be pursuaded to join politics and turned into as asset. And, it is also an Indian reality that there are a good number of those who are eager to join politics but with a suspect motive. They search for and get a place that fits their motive.

In the Modi-Shah duo, Modi is highly preoccupied with urgent national calls and Shah is doing his best to manage the party affairs. He is crafting the required political alignments and re-alignment of ‘already established political forces’ to make it possible for BJP – and that means Modi – to serve the national cause. But it is not enough in the fast changing political environment in India.

The question is: How many surveys have been carried out by BJP in every university, college, factory, institution, city, village, among farmers, workers, doctors, traders, teachers, students …. etc. to find out the available best human resource and to pursuade them – rather beg them – to come and give a helping hand in the urgent task of emerging danger and of averting this danger? It should be the work of top most urgency for BJP, Shah and Hindus.

Hindus are not alive to the fact that in Modi they have got a rare and lucky moment of their history in their struggle for survival as Hindus, which, if missed, they may never ever get again in the demographically fast-changing India under the concerted moves of Abrahmic faiths.

To all those who are aware of the Indian history – recent or not so recent – it must be clear that with the time ticking away, Bharat is bit by bit chipping away …..

The people of Bharat can not stop the ticking away of the time but they can certainly stop this chipping away, provided they wake up and wake up before it is too late!

Addition by: As received:

Wondering how a …. person like Rahul Gandhi was invited to speak at Berkley?

Was it the US Government? NO.

Was it the state of California? NO.

Was it the University of Berkely? NO.

Then who invited Rahul, who had been 9derogatory to the Prime Minister of the country and the country there?

  1. Sam Pitrodia was the official host for Rahul’s recent trip to the US.
    Who is Sam Pitroda? He is an entrepreneur, policymaker and a former advisor to Rajiv Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh. Sam runs and funds many NGOs in India.
  2. Such talks and invitations are tools to spread Anti-India and Anti-Hindu sentiments and are funded by the same organisation which funds NGOs and charity organizations in India.

  3. Many of these NGOs are for converting Hindus and are opposing Hinduism. It may be recalled that the Modi Govt has closed down funding of thousands of such anti-national NGOs in India.

  4. These are the same organisations which host anti-Hindu folks like Barkha Dutt, John Dayal, etc in US.

  5. Their mission is to promote the leftist ideology. These are the same people who protested against PM Modi’s visit to US.

  6. Showcasing intolerance in India, violence in India, Hindu terror, Poverty, Caste-based violence are the agenda of such speakers to collect funds.

  7. The modus operandi: Invite these Anti-India elements to speak in foreign countries, get them to portray a dismal view of India, collect money for party funding and NGO funding.

  8. Congress think-tank like Sam Pitrodia knows Rahul Gandhi has lost all chances to emerge as a leader in India. The mission now is to pro.p him up and get foreign backing. Arvind Kejriwal’s political rise also came from foreign funding.

Bharat, wake up before its too late!

The anti-Hindu venom is spread with vigour. These overseas Organizations are rich, powerful and have a very strong hold on Indian politics through mercenaries. Hindus need to wake up to this reality that is devastating them. It is the time now that they wake up from their indifference !!

‘Make in India’ is ‘India on the Move’

‘Make in India’ is ‘India on the Move’
By: Shreepal Singh
‘Make in India’ will be a game changer for the 21st century world. The reason is very simple: Human resource, if unleashed to play its potential role, can make miracle happen. India has a vast amount of highly skilled and talented human resource and if it is deployed on the frontiers of modern science and technology, this one factor alone will change India forever, and would impact our world and its equilibrium.If India is made capable to play this role on the scientific front on the strength of its human resource, it would impact the world on other counts also. India is the only country in the world that has an ancient culture – way of life and thinking – still  alive and kicking in this 21st century. India as a science and technology leader would naturally impact the world on cultural front also.

Let us have a look at India: what it was and what it would be on the strength of ‘Make in India’.

Since her independence in 1947 until now, India has been very low in internationally acknowledged development standards, dubbed as a third-world country. Countries of the so-called first-world have been far ahead of us and we have not been able to keep pace even with many Asian countries (like China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore etc.). Though we have no sympathy with sentiments of jingoistic nationalism, we would like to stress that India needs to develop; and develop fast. It is necessary for India to so develop because in today’s integrated world the super-powers are capable of, and are busy, knitting the unfolding world-order in such a fashion so as to secure their economic and security interests.

While these international powers are fabricating the world of their liking to serve their economic and security interests, our country is forced by the unfortunate existing circumstances to fit into their ready-made world. In these constrained conditions, safeguarding the independence of our constitutional institutions from foreign covert and overt pressure should become our national priority. In the face of these existential challenges, all other concerns become only secondary in importance.

A forceful move in international affairs is needed to cobble the world in a strategic order from an Indian angle. To secure these existential interests, as a sovereign nation, India can no longer afford to remain sluggish in developing its economy, scientific, security and educational infrastructures. The leadership of India is required to take drastic steps to change India’s old habits of sluggish way of thinking and working in all the three organs of governance, viz., Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. By securing these interests, India would also be taking care of her concerns of preserving purity of her democratic, cultural and social institutions.

India needs to play a significant balancing role in the global community. To be able to do so, India not only needs to develop fast to catch-up with the developed world, it also needs to rise as a significant global power with a vision of universal humanism. In this direction, the adoption of the International Day of Yoga by United Nations is great achievement of India.

UN has recognized in its resolution that towards securing the goal of global health, through best practices aimed at building better individual lifestyles devoid of excesses of all kinds, yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well-being. But it is only partial recognition by UN. Yoga does not provide merely a holistic approach to health and well-being; it is something more.

Yoga is the holistic discipline of human-life, which brings to the fore in their lives a sense of compassion, self-giving, love, peace, and, above all, a sublime purpose of life. All life is yoga. This yogic vision is so comprehensive in its sweep that it is not limited to humans alone. It includes all forms of life and necessitates compassion to them all. As it is said, all evolving life is Nature’s unconscious yoga. Without ascribing to ourselves any nationalistic-ego on this issue, we may say that being the teacher of yoga, now it is India’s moral obligation to bring its full spectrum before the world community.

One may ask in the first place: why does India need to strengthen itself as one of the significant global players? And why, at all, does India need a universal humanist vision and a leader like Modi who seems determined to put it before the world community? India needs to strengthen itself as a nation for the collective welfare of the world community; it does not need this strengthening to dominate the world. Neither a hostile intention towards any section of humanity is in consonance with a universal humanistic vision nor is it possible to practice such hostility in a globally integrated world armed with mass-destructive technology.

A universally acceptable humane world-vision is necessary because India, having 1.5 billion people, needs in her own interest peace and stability in the world. India in its own interest needs to contribute to the global efforts towards building a better world for all where security, peace and stability are guaranteed; sustainable economic development regime and employment are ensured; and individuals’ well-being and their cultures are safeguarded. If honest efforts are not made by the responsible world powers towards this end, our world would soon turn into a place plagued by unemployment and discontent; de-humanization and crime; shattered peace and indignity.

We cannot be unmindful to the fact that our world is armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction. The follies of our selfish path littered with over-exploitation of Nature, national-rivalries and arrogance may result in a war fought with these weapons. The only check, the only brake, to this human insanity, if at all, is the human wisdom that is borne out of a realization of the dangers involved in following this path; and the human wisdom of adopting an approach that is humane in mutual dealings; scientific in reason; universal in application; and spiritual in content. India has a long history of people like Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, Gandhi etc. who gave to this world a wisdom, when it was in need.

Today also India (if she strengthens herself) can contribute to the welfare of humanity. Emergence of a powerful India with a sublime vision of wisdom and compassion for all will be welcomed by all and is indeed the need of the hour. Judging by his conduct in public dealings, his utterances indicating inclusivity of all in this national endeavor, his putting of high national targets before the country showing such wisdom, the present Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be the only person in India capable to take on this onerous task.


Under Modi, is India turning away from the brink of disaster? A prophecy made by a Yogi about India

By: Shreepal Singh

What is the worth of a prophecy! Is it not a nonsense exercise indulged in by crooks since ages? Prophecy is foretelling what would happen in future. Is it ever possible for a human being to tell in advance about the events that are going to take place in future? And more than this, is it possible to foretell about a nation, which is composed of crores of individuals? Any rational person would say it is never ever possible; it all is humbug!

Let us have a second look about this subject as a rational person. Can one foretell what would happen to a thing at a given time in future? We all do it daily. We board a train bound to a destination, foretelling it would reach by the appointed time its destination. It does reach so in 99% of the cases. We calculated and foretold about one year in advance that India’s Mars Orbiter Mission/module would reach its destination; and, it reached so. In a way, we plan all our activities for today determined by our foretelling about what would happen tomorrow. Life’s all activities are goal oriented and the goal is always an object lying in the unknown future. Unless we are able to foretell, and foretell correctly, it is not possible for life to plan in the present so that progress is achieved in the future. This type of foretelling is called prediction; and it is based on our scientific calculations, of which accuracy is vouchsafed by our uninterrupted human experience. It is not prophecy. What is the difference between a prediction and a prophecy? Let us see the difference.

All kinds of forecasting or foretelling involve an exercise that is akin to processing. This processing is nothing but the cumulative outcome of the inter-action of all the parametric conditions influencing an “object”, about which the foretelling is made. We can very well say that prediction, foretelling, forecasting and prophecy, all the four, have these elements in common: one – ascertaining “all the parametric conditions” (that would influence the object); two – knowledge or information about the “inter-action” of those conditions with the object (about which forecast is made); three – calculation of the “cumulative outcome” (of such inter-action).

Why does many a times a train bound for a destination not reach its destiny; a space rocket programmed to hone in at a particular station not reach its desired spot; or, a person making efforts to achieve a goal in life not secure the same?

The answer is simple: There are too many parametric conditions out there in Nature; it is not within the human-capacity to know all these conditions (even with the aid of all the available Super-Computers). Moreover, in laboratory these conditions may be ‘controlled’ and ‘duplicated’ again and again to test their cumulative effect; but is not possible to do so in Nature. We are not always able to “ascertain” all the parametric conditions (e.g., railroad may be broken, flooded; rocket may be pulled off way by an unknown gravitational pull; a person may miscalculate about his or her prospect; etc.). And / or, we may not know about the “inter-action” that may be involved (e.g., there may be outbreak of war disrupting train’s movement; cosmic radiation may damage navigational panels of the rocket; a person may fall ill making him or her fail in the goal). And / or, we fail to calculate the “cumulative outcome” of the influencing elements (e.g., broken or flooded railroad may even kill the passenger; rocket may be lost in the outer space; a person may win a fabulous lottery / be robbed and injured). We know so much about these conditions and calculation and, still, we know almost nothing about them.

Here lies the mystery of prophecy and its efficacy. The correctness of a prediction is tested by its fulfillment and, likewise, the accuracy of a prophecy is tested by its coming true in reality.

Science knows the truth about many things; and it admits also that it does not know about many things yet. It is only because of this admission that science is still searching and progressing. What is the ratio between the things that science knows and the things that it does not know? Science does not have any answer on this point. The reasonable speculation is that science knows very little in comparison to what it does not know. Opposite to science, there are Yogis who claim they know the secrets of this creation visible to us as universe. They claim that they can see the “parametric conditions”, “inter-action” of the elements involved and the “cumulative outcome” of this whole processing.

There is no way to verify the truthfulness of this claim of Yogis except by testing them through the realization of their prophecy in concrete reality.
It may be interesting to refer to a prophecy made by the Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

Those who have read Sri Aurobindo and the Mother need no introduction of them. To those who have not heard about them, it is suffice to say that Sri Aurobindo represents the soul of spiritual India in our modern materialist age and the Mother, a disciple of Sri Aurobindo, a Divine instrument to fulfill the assigned work of her Guru and Master. Great yogis, like her, completely identify their consciousness with that of the Divine and get vision of three dimensions of time, that is, past, present and future. They envision the kaleidoscopic possibilities of events depending upon the choice people make.

The Mother saw the future of India. She told her this vision to her secretary Sri Udar Pinto, who is now no more. The date of this vision about the future of India is not known, as Sri Pinto did not indicate it. But we can guess and make some rough estimate of it. The Mother left her body in 1973 and Sri Pinto revealed the prophecy after her physical death. It might have been made some time before her death.

It is what Sri Udar Pinto says: “I will try to give here what the Mother has said about this in Her own words, as far as I can… The Mother said that India would pass through a very difficult time. One Government after another would come but each would fail in solving the problems that would face the country in greater and greater intensity. One party after another would fail. There would be an attempt at a sort of dictatorship but this too, would fail and the people would become desperate. Then, finally, there would come the breaking point and at that time, if the people were not given the right lead they would take a wrong turn and India’s soul would suffer for centuries. So they must be correctly guided at that point. This is more or less in Mother’s own words and so we can see how what she said is happening and how important it is for us to be ready.”

We can identify certain important points in time in the recent history of India and co-relate events that took place then. This spiritual vision was seen by the Mother before 1973 and at that time there was no possibility of speculating about the instability in Indian national life (which took place thereafter) or the desperate act of the imposition of emergency in India (which was done by Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1975).

Perhaps we may be justified in saying that India as a nation has seen instability, on one after another occasions; has seen our political leaders taking desperate steps by way of moving towards dictatorship. Also, perhaps, we may be justified in saying that, in spiritual significance, a breaking point had been reached in the life of India as a nation during the long UPA regime when this nation was sought to be put by its political leaders on to the path of cultural and political debauchery. Did it not amount to India “taking a wrong turn” as envisioned by the Mother? As usual, some will not agree.

In the vision, there is a warning: “At that time, if the people were not given the right lead they would take a wrong turn and India’s soul would suffer for centuries”! What do you make of these words? Where do you put Modi, after his getting a stunning victory over the UPA? Is Modi giving a right lead in the life of this nation? One may again disagree.

But one thing is certain, and perhaps there cannot be any disagreement on this, that if India, as a nation, had a culture rooted in spiritualism; if India, as a nation, had a soul; it certainly would have suffered for centuries had the UPA got its way; got its “India is an idea” imposed on this nation.

But mercifully that eventuality has been warded off. It is because the people of India are being given the right lead by Modi.

Comparison of Modi, Dr. Man Mohan Singh and Kejariwal on economics

(This article is written by Shreepal Singh)

The Mantra of development is the proper utilization of resources. There are many types of resources and some are limited in quantity and some are renewable or un-exhaustive. Some countries may have more resources of a certain type than of other types; a country may not even have a certain type of resource at all and would have to do without that resource. A country may have an abundance of a particular type of resource. The key to development in a country lies in the proper utilization of the resources that are available in that country.

For proper utilization of resources, we need to have capital and technology. For example, a farmer has land but he has no capital to buy better seeds; or farm equipment; or to build 20 stories building thereon; or to erect a factory thereon. He needs capital. With the capital he can buy technology. But sometimes even capital cannot buy technology as the technology-holder may not be willing to sell his technology. This is always the case with sensitive or critical technologies. India was denied the cryogenic technology that is used in rocketry; stealth technology that saves an airplane from detection by radar is another example; there are many technologies that are not available for sale. In any case, one needs capital to utilize resources properly.

India is considered a poverty-stricken country that does not have sufficient capital (!). So we need investors who are willing to invest their capital in India. This is the basic corner-stone of an economics that is founded on Market-Economy and is guided by the Keynesian economic philosophy. In this economy, anybody who has capital may invest for proper utilization of resources; there are no restrictions on him and he may earn profits, which are determined by the free market conditions without any governmental interference.

But those who come to India to invest their capital, come here only with the motive of earning maximum profits on their investment. There is nothing wrong with this motive; but in the pursuit of earning maximum profits, investors may resort to improper tactics and it becomes necessary for the government to step in and check their improper moves. The government must step-in to check the improper moves of the investor-capitalist. This is the  substance of Keynesian economic philosophy and Dr. Manmohan Singh is a dedicated disciple of this school.

This philosophy had been propounded long back in 1930s; though it has been tinkered much since then to meet the exigencies of the situations but in substance it still remains the same.

The world is changing very fast today and old concepts are falling apart. One is forced by the constantly emerging new scenarios to cast-off rigidly framed concepts, think fast and find solution to the need of the hour. Though this is not the place to examine the deficiencies of Keynesian Economic Philosophy, still one may point out instantly that in a situation where the investors/capitalists lobbying-firms, pressure groups etc. effect the government decisions and even the investors/capitalists become Parliamentarians, this is no solution to say that the government should step-in to check their improper moves. The investors themselves become the part of government. There is no solution to this problem in this economic theory. (Example: See how Jaipal Reddy, the petroleum Minister and the part of the Indian government, was shunted-out of his Ministry in the dispute of “Gas extraction in D-6 in KG Basin” and a new and convenient Minister Murali Deora was brought in by investor/Reliance/Ambani. Or, see how the choice of government ministers is determined by the investors/lobbyists of investors while forming the government, which otherwise is the prerogative of the Prime Minister)

Also, it does not point out any solution of a situation where over-utilization/industrialization causes pollution, depletion of resources completely in a country or environmental imbalance on our planet.

Let’s come to the subject of economics of India and what our political leaders are saying, doing or proposing for this country.

We have opened our doors to foreign investors without any discrimination in the hope that they will bring capital and technology, and help our development by proper utilization of our resources. But see the result of this rush-in of all sorts of investors! Coca Cola, Pepsi etc. have not brought any new technology; they are over-utilizing our water resources; they are causing environmental pollution and reeking in profits without any benefits to our people (except the claimed new employment opportunities). On the other hand, they have created health-hazard to our children. Insurance, banking etc. have also not brought any new technology and reaping profits. This is the result of Dr. Manmohan’s economics!

We have limited quantity of minerals, hydrocarbons, and land resources. Investors are over-exploiting these limited resources. This over-exploitation of resources is causing socio-economic conflicts in India and giving birth to left extremism. Raw materials, like minerals, and petroleum are being exported out of India turning this country into a resource less land in coming future. All these resources are limited in quantity and would exhaust one day if things are allowed to go on like this.

India has one more resource. It is its population; it is its human resource. This resource can be utilized to develop this country. This resource is not limited in quantity and is self-generating also. If India puts a major portion of its budget in utilizing this resource, this country would beat the whole world in development.

This resource can be properly utilized if the population of this country is provided education as the government’s top-most priority. To make India a developed country and a world leader, our slogan should be: dedicate all resources and efforts to give education to people! The education should be provided to all; education should be of the highest quality available in the world; and, poverty of would-be students or the crunch of budget-funds should not be allowed to come in the way of providing education to all. The quality of education should ensure to include the education and research and development in fundamental sciences and technology.

Today’s economy is the economy of knowledge and not the economy of inviting Coca Cola, Pepsi, Insurance, Banking etc. One who has the knowledge, one who has the technology based on that knowledge shall rule the world and shall create a world-order according to its whims! This is the truth of today.

By education, by knowledge, by technology a nation can grow trees that give electricity, can create miniscule weapons that fly in air and defend its boarders, can forge gravitational-machines that travel to distant planets and transfer its population, and, tell us what cannot be done by knowledge and technology!!

This is not the Keynesian Economic Philosophy of Dr. Manmohan Singh. It is the vision of Narendra Modi, when he says that India will have three equal fields for development: firstly, the manufacturing sector; secondly, the service sector; and, thirdly, the agricultural sector. This economics does not need the study at Harvard University; it needs a fertile mind, common-sense, experience of life, honesty, dedication to make this country a great nation and patriotism. Narendra Modi has all these qualities.

The equal importance given by Modi to the service sector will give top-third priority to educating people of this country so that they are able to serve as scientists, teachers, technicians, advisors, doctors etc. It is a great vision. He did not forget to add in his address on this topic that when these educated Indians will go to foreign lands, and where they will be in great demand because of their high education and skills (nay, those foreign countries would not survive in a fiercely competitive world without these now highly educated and skilled Indians) , these Indians will take with them the Indian spiritual and cultural heritage (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians’ spiritual and cultural heritage) with them. There they will plant these benign knowledge and traditions in foreign lands.

This is the best economic model for an emerging India. This is Mr. Modi’s contribution to modern economic theories. Dr. Man Mohan Singh, or any of his so-called stalwart followers, stand no where in economics in comparison to this vision of Mr. Modi so far as India is concerned.

The equal importance given by Modi to manufacturing and agricultural sectors has a great economic wisdom. We need to manufacture newer machines based on the higher knowledge acquired through education by our youths to meet our needs and to meet the security exigencies of an emerging volatile world today. According to this vision of Modi, it cannot be the manufacturing of goods based on obsolete technologies, which the Dr. Manmohan Singh’s policy of inviting foreign capital is doing today. In Modi’s vision, providing education to develop service sector go hand in hand with setting up manufacturing facilities based on knowledge-technology.

The equal importance given to agriculture by Modi also has a pragmatic wisdom. It is necessary to protect our habitat, which needs oxygen to survive, and which is amply given by plants, trees etc. See the position in China as a result of indiscriminate industrialization. One cannot properly breathe there. We need agriculture to feed our people (food security, in case it is denied by forces inimical to our country), to allow to sustain our farmers (not uprooting them by forceful acquisitions of land, which is being done today to industrialize India at break-neck speed), and to allow the Indian traditions to survive in villages which depend on agriculture (Gandhi said: India lives in villages).

We have compared the economics of Dr. Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi here. Kejariwal, who is another player in the political field today, has not opened his mouth on his economics. Either he does not have any though-out economic understanding about India or he is keeping the one he has to his secret chest. Once he has spoken about economics at FICCI and there he talked in favour of capitalism of the old style. He said he is in favour of investment of capital and thereby development.

What does it mean in today’s controversies? He is not clear; perhaps he does not understand the real issues. He talks only about being anti crony capitalism but that is not enough. Any way what is crony capitalism? It is a misnomer! Let us talk economics: capitalism is capitalism.

What does Kejariwal says in the above referred case of the dispute of “Gas extraction by Reliance in D-6 in KG Basin” and removal of a Minister and raising the price of the gas by the investor? He says, it is corruption! What a layman’s explanation to an economic question!

Kejariwal has had no occasion to come to face-to-face with the Keynesian Theory which the government is following, or the deficiencies of this theory, or any idea of the removal of these deficiencies.

Corruption is one thing and economics is another world altogether. No body favours corruption but its removal is not the solution to all questions, particularly, economic questions. Arvind Kejariwal stands nowhere on economics.

Why Kejriwal is obsessed to fight against Modi ?

By: Parmanand pandey, General Secretary IPC (in consultation with Shreepal singh)

    Arvind Kejriwal’s obsession of contesting the Lok Sabha election from the same constituency of Varanasi  where Narendra Modi has choosen to fight is inexplicable for lesser mortals like us.  We, nevertheless, feel that Kejriwal wants to shine in the reflected glory of a person, who has been able to build up a sort of wave in his favour by his deeds in the country. Kejriwal thinks that by positing himself against Modi and talking tall on all conceivable issues, he would be able to steal the limelight of the media. This is a psychological problem and it needs to be cured.

          He is going all over the country but instead of presenting any alternative, he becomes vociferous in criticizing Modi. Sometimes he says that Modi has become the agent of the corporate houses like those of Ambani and Adani. He conveniently forgets the fact that Ambanis and Adanis have not made their huge empires only in Gujrat and during Modi’s regime. They have flourished during Congress regime and that too all over the country.

Therefore, to single out Modi for the rise of these industrialists would amount to compromising the truth. Singling out of Modi by Kejariwal (in day in and day out from the moment he has chosen to fight Lok Sabha elections beyond Delhi – where he was the Chief Minister) as the real cause of the rise of Ambani or Adani business houses, is a blatant lies on the part of Kejariwal. It is not only the blatant lies on his part, it is a worse crime being played upon the people of this country by misleading them.

Firstly, Ambani, Adani and a whole horde of big business houses of their ilk are not limited to Gujrat; they have their empire spread out through out India. Is Modi responsible for the rise of their empire through out India (say, in haryana)? Obviously, Modi is not responsible for their such rise.

But, then who is responsible for their such rise? Answer is very plain: Primarily, the persons and political parties that ruled at the Centre (whereat the open policy of these leaders/parties is to promote the business of such industralists/capitalists); and secondarily, the responsibilities of executing these central policies lie with the State Governments. It is a blatant lies on the part of Kejariwal to blame Modi for their rise.

Secondly, Kejariwal by misleading the electorates is committing a worse crime upon the people of this country. He never ever says that it is the Congress Government at the Centre that is the cause of the rise of Ambani, Adani etc. etc. through out India.

Why does Kejariwal not say this truth? Is he not wise enough to understand this fact? He is IIT passed; he is IRS qualified. He is not fool not to understand this simple fact.

Then, what is the reason for Kejariwal to single out Modi for this blame and exclude Congress (at the Centre and say, in Haryana)? He is playing these tricks upon the people to fulfil his ambitions. Yesterday, Kejariwal was the worst enemy of Congress (and, he rose by positing himself an “Anti-Congress” fighter); today, he is the best friend of Congress.

By singling out Modi as his sole enemy, Kejariwal would accomplish by his conduct three things:

Firstly, he would help fulfil the plan of Congress to stop Modi becoming the Prime Minister.

Secondly, he would create conditions in India where there is a coalition government of rank-opportunist political elements and de-stabalise India to the advantage of Congress (which is hoping to stage a come-back in 2019 elections on the plank of Stability).

Thirdly, by his conduct, Kejariwal is helping the enemies of this country, who wish india to be unstable, weak, without strong leader like Modi.

Modi has gone to Varanasi to provide boost to his candidates in Uttar Pradesh, which returns the largest number of members to the Lok Sabha but Kejriwal has no such stakes. He is there only to oppose Modi. Opposition for the sake opposition has never been a good philosophy and any right-thinking person will condemn it.

    Kejriwal is nowdays being propped up by the Congress Party because he is doing everything at its bidding. Now let us see the real colour of Kejriwal. In Bangalore, he charged Ruppes twenty thousand from those who lunched and dined with him. Can any Aam Adami think of paying such a huge amount to have a meal with the common person’s leader who is so uncommon? The other day he took the facility of travelling in a very costly-chartered plane to attend a conclave of India Today. It may be mentioned here that in Delhi he made a news of travelling in the Metro train to attend his office. He often boasts of moving around in an old Santro car but has no compunction in availing the hospitality of a big media house. This is a duplicity of the top order and we deprecate it in strongest possible terms.

      To become a big you must think big and do the noble work. Austerity should not only be talked about but it must be observed in the life as well. Hiatus between words and deeds, precepts and conducts, preaching and practicing cause the trust deficit. Kejriwal ji, do not be the cause of such a big trust deficit as it will be harmful to the politics of the country which has already lost much of its sheen in the public.

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