Siddha Yogi Neem Karoli Baba, Mark Zukerberg and Narendra Modi

By: Yvette C. Rosser, PhD. (ईवेत्  सी.  रासर रामरानी)

In late September 2015, when Mark Zuckerberg met Narendra Modi in Silicon Valley, he informed Modi that years earlier when he was developing the idea of Facebook, Steve Jobs told him to go to Kainchi Dham for inspiration. The next day, on October first, the Hindustani paparazzi descended on Kumoan! Reporters repeatedly asked the same question, “Why were these high tech honchos, as the Indian media called Jobs and Zuckerberg, interested in Neem Karoli Baba?”

The reporters were swarming in the valley for days, and someone told a film crew that there was a woman who had actually met Maharajji living up the hill, and sent a TV crew up to the retreat where I lived. They asked lots of questions, and I tried to answer in Hindi for the Hindi medium program. The reporters begged us to sing the Hanuman Chaliisa since Maharajji loved to hear it, so like well trained videshi Monkeys, we sang! Thank goodness my friends can both carry a tune!

Journalists were coming and going for several days, and repeatedly asked me the same question: “Why would high tech honchos, as the Indian media referred to Jobs and Zuckerberg, be attracted to Neem Shri Neem Karoli Baba?” I was also asked by a Delhi magazine, for which I sometimes write, to contribute an article that addressed the same question, why were these high profile techie guys attracted to Maharajji?

I had two days before their publication deadline. I needed Baba to answer that query! So I sat down in front of my puja table and asked Baba to please answer this persistent question. ‘Why were these high tech guys attracted to You, Baba?’ An idea came to me through the silence, and I answered the media thusly:

“Perhaps the lure of IT people like Jobs and Zuckerberg are Maharajji’s abilities to seemingly overcome the laws of nature, such as gravity and time and space. Just like the virtual realities these techie masters created, where anything is possible, so too Maharajji is a virtual Baba in what we know as the ‘real world’. He obtained his siddhis (powers) through practicing mental and physical austerities and meditating for long periods of time. He is an example of a human being who through employing, then transcending His human abilities, overcame the limitations of being human, and reached the divine. Neem Karoli Maharajji is a virtual Baba operating in the human world as we know it!” When my friend Gauri heard me answer a reporter with that Virtual Baba statement, she was amazed and thought that was a pretty smart reply. I told her Maharajji had helped me come up with the snazzy answer.

Here is the article I wrote for the Delhi magazine, ‘The Organiser’ with the same explanation about Virtual Maharajji:

Siddha Yogi: Shri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, told Narendra Modi that Steve Jobs had advised him to visit the Himalayan temple of the north Indian siddha, Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji. Jobs had gone to meet the saint, but sadly arrived in Kainchi Dham shortly after His Maha Samadhi in 1973. Even though Neem Karoli Baba never traveled in His human body to the West, His influence has brought the Dharma into the lives of countless Americans.

One of the first Americans to meet Neem Karoli Baba was the Harvard professor Richard Alpert, who traveled to India in 1968. Neem Karoli Baba instantly read Alpert’s mind and wrenched open his heart.  Alpert was renamed Ramdass; he found himself being reworked into a spiritual being from the inside out. Ramdass wrote about his experiences in a best-selling and hugely influential book called “Be Here Now”. In this way in the last years of His terrestrial life, Neem Karoli Baba, became one of the most famous and defining gurus on earth.

Neem Karoli Baba has a magical ability to touch the hearts of His devotees, often before they even know who He is. Someone may see a photograph and just can’t stop thinking about that man in the plaid blanket, so they seek out books or satsang. Indeed, some of His most devoted followers never met Him in His human body. He, like Hanuman, is present on earth at all times and comes to His chelas in visions and inspirations. He gives guidance and succour to those who remember Him.

In “Mystic of Northern India” Swami Chidananda, a direct disciple of Swami Shivananda of Rishikesh, wrote:

“Sri Baba Neem Karoli—is … the most unique phenomena among the religious fraternity of Saints [and] Sages …. It would not be a wonder to me, if, as I am sitting and dictating this article … at this moment Babaji is perfectly aware of this … and knows exactly … what words I am dictating… in spite of the fact that … He has left His body… Though this … may seem rather extraordinary … it is nevertheless true that … Babaji’s … devotees had personal experience …that [he was] aware of whatever they had been saying and doing in distant places, far away from him…. This has convinced most of His closest followers that Sri Baba Neem Karoli was a ‘Siddha Purusha’ (perfected being) and knower of the past, present [and] future—Trikala Jnani. …. Close devotees of Baba Neem Karoli have seem Him simultaneously at two different places,  at one and the same time…..”

In 1973, I spent the spring and monsoon in Kainchi Dham with Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji. I would sit near him, entranced, mesmerized. He was animated with some people and with others very tender, and sometimes quite stern.  Maharaj-ji was ever changing. Once when He was walking, He took my hand, an enviable experience, because everybody wanted Him to take his or her hand. He seemed like a frail little old man, shorter and rounder than me. He slowly shuffled up the stairs to the takhat. Not long after, He again took my hand, I gladly walked beside Him. This time, He appeared taller than me, strong and agile. He took the three steps up to the takhat in stride. People have often said that Maharaj-ji is a manifestation or incarnation of Hanuman. He certainly could change shapes and sizes!

One quiet day, I was sitting on the mat against the wall, beside Maharaj-ji’s takhat when an Indian family came for Baba’s blessing.  They bowed and stood attentively as Baba spoke to them. There was a college-aged son, and a twenty-something year old daughter who was wearing blue jeans. In 1973, very few women or girls in India wore blue jeans, whereas now they are quite common.

While Maharaj-j was conversing with them in Hindi, the daughter in blue jeans began weeping profusely, falling against her mother, who was wearing a purple sari. The father and the son looked at Maharaj-ji without blinking, hands in supplication. The mother was comforting her daughter. Maharaj-ji told me to take them to the dining hall so they could have prasad.

The young woman wept all the way to the back of the ashram. I asked them what Maharaj-ji had said that had made her so upset. Baba said “not to wear blue jeans but wear saris, that she should embrace her culture.” He told her, “Your husband was a chor (a crook) and a badmash. You are much better off without him. Let him go! And know that your life is saved because he divorced you. But hold on to your Hindu culture, don’t adopt Western ways just because your husband left you:  Embrace your Dharma.” Baba told her several times that her life will be better without that badmash husband. As we ate Prasad, the girl calmed down and the family kept asking, “How did He know?”  I could only answer, based on my own experience, “Maharaj-ji seems to know everything!”

In Kainchi Dham in July 1973, Maharajji gave me a command that has helped to guide me through for the past few decades. He told me, “When you go back to America, study about in India and help make Hinduism better understood and respected.”

On September 12, 1973, the day after the passing of Neem Karoi Baba’s corporal body, I got a telegram. It was delivered to me by two postal workers as I was walking down a steep hill. I couldn’t read it. It was gobbledygook, incomprehensible marks on paper, as if I was totally dyslexic. My friend, Dayaramdas read it out word for word, “Maharaj-ji left His body STOP. Bhandara in Vridaban tomorrow STOP.”

We immediately turned to go. As I was walking up the steep hill, the whole world turned plaid, the river, the mountains, the clouds, all the leaves on all the trees, all plaid. Baba was everywhere! (Though it seemed like He could be everywhere even when in His body.)  Since then, through the decades, I am grateful that Maharajji still graces me with occasional darshans and advice.

On April 22, 1984, when I was giving birth to my second child, Maharajji came in through the wall as a ray of light. Then standing before me like a well-formed hologram, barefoot, wearing a white dhoti, with a red and blue plaid blanket over His shoulders, He extended the fore-finger of His right and said in English with an Indian accent, “Call the boy Jai Hanuman”. He then turned and walked out the door, bare-footed. My first impulse was to chase Him down the hall, but because of my pregnancy I couldn’t move very quickly and immediately realized that He had come in through a ray of light in the wall, He wasn’t going to be walking by the nurses’ station! (Btw, my son, Jai Hanuman loves his name!)

Perhaps the lure of IT people like Jobs and Zuckerberg is due to Maharaj-ji’s abilities to seemingly overcome the laws of nature, such as gravity and time and space. Just like the virtual realities these techie masters created, where anything is possible, so too Maharajji is a virtual Baba in what we know as the ‘real world’. He obtained his siddhis (powers) through practicing mental and physical austerities and meditating for long periods of time. He is an example of a human being who through employing then transcending His human abilities, overcame the limitations of being human, and reached the divine.

Here ends the article.

In the late 1960’s Narendra Modi lived in Almora at the Swami Vivekananda ashram. There is only one road from the plains to Almora.  It passes right by Kainchi Dham. At that time, all the UP Roadways buses stopped for darshan. I have written Mr. Modi and asked him if he met Maharaj-ji. As of yet, he has not replied. But a Hindu-centric young man living in Kumoan at that time, would have in all likelihood met Neem Karoli Baba. Narendra Modi seems like he has Maharajji’s Grace! Clean Bharat was his election campaign – Svachchha Bharat, building a toilet in every home. When Maharajji was building the ashram in Kainchi Dham, He had well over a dozen toilets built, with several septic pits… some people jokingly called Him “Latrine Baba”.

Please note with due reverence that on December 22, 2019, Maharajji’s beloved chela, Baba Ramdass (Dr. Richard Alpert) left his corporal body:

Ramdass’ first book “Be Here Now” was largely responsible for helping to bring the Dharma to the West.

Also a very heavy heart I have to inform of the recent sad demise of one of Maharajji’s most beloved devotees: KK Sah in Nainital:

Another devotee of Neem Karoli Babba, Dr. Larry Brilliant, with Maharajji’s urging and insistence was personally responsible for eradicating small pox in India. See:

In September 2015, when Zuckerberg informed Narendra Modi he had gone to Kainchi Dham, as mentioned, on the next day the paparazzi descended on Kumoan! Camera crews were all over the place!! Here they interviewed Vinod Joshi, the manager of the Kainchi Dham ashram and also a western devotee:

More of Maharaj-ji in the media:

The recent passing of the body of Baba Ramdass was very traumatic for millions of Americans whom he had led to the Dharma during the past six decades.

A recent Chanel 24 TV interview (in my non-fluent Hindi) explains how Maharajji commanded me to help make Hinduism better understood and respected:

I’ve always told my children and other people, that when humans die they all become Hindus again and are then reborn as Hindus (Sanata Dharma) and only get converted and indoctrinated into the religion of their new birth family, be it Christian or Muslim, etc. Then when they die again …. they are again reborn as Hindus and depending on the faith of their birth families.

My more writings about Maharajji at:

Modi, A Lee Kuan of India – Do Not Derail Him

By: Shreepal Singh

Here is a wonderful video that shows how a diverse society like Singapore could transform itself from a third world small country – almost a nation-state – to a frontline first world country – miraculously – within one generation only. The miracle was made possible by pragmatic mix of democracy with a little dose of high-handedness – that is another name of authoritarianism. To a question what India could learn from Singapore, the Singapore Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minster wisely says, “the Indian middle class must make their elected representatives accountable to their promises they make to the public – in a wise manner.”

It is an example how a country can fast progress – Singapore progressed this way: Do not be fooled by promises of freebies and false impossible promises; ask the political leaders how they are going to fulfil their impossible promises, before they become entitled to your vote; China made fast progress but it is not the way for democracy – for India; the western countries made the progress but it too is not the way for India – the India needs to learn from Singapore and to make its democracy hard, the accountable one with no place for wild promises to fool the electorate; make India a place where all diverse groups – Hindus, Muslims, Christians and all other ethnic groups – get equal opportunities to get educated, get economic prosperity, necessities of life without any discrimination and religious bigotry; invite, cultivate and promote talent and competitiveness. The Singapore Minister says, “It is our first stage. We don’t have yet the best technology and talent competitive to say, Germany. We are to move to the next stage of that competitiveness.” This is how a competent minister should be – clear headed with a vision of future.

These are Singaporean ways to achieve the miracle. Modi is Li Kuan of India when he pursues the program, “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas.” Modi was recently dubbed by a Singaporean newspaper as “a Li Kuan of India.”

It was a failure of the Indian middle class to ask questions and make political leaders accountable to the seemingly impossible promises they made before electing them in three states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Democracy in India should no longer be a game of fooling the ignorant and get away with the booty of power – democracy should be made accountable. It is the responsibility of the middle class – because they know the things, because they can make the ordinary public aware of the reality.

Let the educated middle class of Indians educate the public for 2019 elections; let them not allow the unaccountable promise-mongers derail Modi – the Indian Li Kuan – in his realistic project of transforming India, like the Singaporean way !

Watch this video carefully:

The most powerful ‘political statement’ ever made in independent India

By: Shreepal Singh

“I am a Fakir; I have nothing but a mere bag! What am I to lose (nothing)! I will pick up my bag and go away (from the scene)”, said Narendra Modi.

It was said by him at a public rally recently after his demonetization move. And people in India have seen political activists – particularly of the nationalists and Socialists brands – keeping such bags hung on their shoulders.

India is a strange country; here people worship the ones who renounce the world and its enchanting riches. In contrast, in the West the people take it granted that there is nothing immoral in enjoying the pleasures of this world. If you become the rich and turn into a showy arrogant, it is a normal part of human personality; if you can afford, and love it, you may marry, divorce, re-marry, re-divorce and marry again … perhaps ad infinitum. There is nothing wrong with such behavior. But in India it is not so.

In India people worship those who make it their business to control their desires; subdue their ego while still in power; renounce the world, while they are king; express their humility, while at the top of the world. They hold him in high esteem who has the courage to become a ‘Fakir’ (mendicant), while he is in a position to remain and enjoy as the king. Gautama Buddha was the son of a king – and was entitled to be anointed as a king – and he renounced the world. It required the courage to control his desires – a normal human weakness – and detachment for something that is higher than becoming a king. Buddha is worshiped in India for this courage (and of course, his spiritual achievement in the form of ‘Enlightenment’).  Same thing applies to Mahavira (he was also the son of a king), Vivekanda (he was the son of a renowned father), Sri Aurobindo (he studied in England and qualified ICS, which was equivalent of IAS of today), Mahatma Gandhi (he was a Barrister, almost professionally settled in South Africa). India is an endless store of such great personalities who had all the opportunities to enjoy life but had the courage to willingly renounce the alluring riches of this world, which were at hand.

Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India and is a ruler, a king in the modern democratic context. If he chooses – and becomes a little accommodative not to challenge the status quo – he can continue enjoying his position undisturbed; but see what he is up to! Challenging the powerful ones who hold black money; trying to make this country’s economy transparent like a glass where nothing can be hidden; turning things up side down for those who have the power of money in India.

Naturally, he cannot go unchallenged at the hands of those who are going to suffer by these measures! He has touched the hornet nest; and, these stingy powerful persons, in league with each other like a virtual swarm of hornets, will do whatever they can do.

The opponents of Modi are already doing, whatever they can do. The crest-fallen powerful persons – who hold huge unaccounted money – are shedding crocodile tears by standing in the queue to change a few hundred old currency notes! Getting no favorable response from the public, such people have climbed down in their attack saying, “Demonetization is right, but its method is wrong, which we object to”.

Narendra Modi said, “I am a Fakir; I have nothing but a mere bag! What am I to lose (nothing)! I will pick up my bag and go away (from the scene)!”

It is a public knowledge that Modi has his mother, dearest of all in his life, but he doesn’t bring her to his Prime Ministerial palace, to which he is entitled without any blemish. He often goes to the village where she lives in a nondescript house and seeks her blessings. It is a public knowledge that he has a brother, an equally dear one, who carries on his simple avocation of running a shop in a small town as before as if the Prime Minister of India has no connection with him. These facts are within the public knowledge; there may be many more – the ones who are not so loved-ones or distant relatives – but none of them has been given an access to the most powerful place in India to reap the undue benefit of their connection. It is called detachment; it is called controlling one’s desires and normal human weaknesses. India loves such quality. When common people in this country contrast this feat of Modi with an equally known political fact – debasement – of his rivals where these mighty bigwigs have already anointed or doing their best to anoint their sons, brothers, cousins, daughters, daughters-in-law, relatives – near and distant both – to the high public offices, these common people feel enchanted with the greatness of this man called Modi. It works like mesmerism on the public psyche in India.

In political arena today no bigwig can dare to say what Modi has said; because no bigwig can dare to say that he or she is a ‘Fakir or mendicant’; because no bigwig can dare to say that he has nothing to lose; because no bigwig has courage to say openly that he is ready to go away from the political scene.

In Indian political arena today, most of these bigwigs are not ‘Fakir’ but – far from it – self-indulgent petty personalities. Most of them cannot afford to say that they have nothing to lose because they are politically nursing their progeny and near-and-dear loved ones. And none of these bigwigs can ever say that he or she is ready to go away from the political scene because they do their utmost to cling to the power.

Modi has said it, people have heard him saying it and, as if an amplification by resonance, Modi has emerged a taller leader than before.


PM Modi’s welcome at Silicon Valley is opposed by Wendy Doniger etc.

By : (name withheld for privacy reasons)

Please read the list of names signing the petition below. Some observations:

None of them have tech background, yet they are claiming to be policy experts on tech advising authorities what is best on the matter.The list of western nexus leaders has no surprises; if anything many of them now choose to remain unnamed publicly.

But the list of Indian sepoys has expanded and now has many new members including younger scholars. This is part of the trend to recruit more Indian who will lead the fight, while the white folks guide from the background.

Thats how British sepoys functioned as well. Please note these names. Note how easy it was for Richard Fox to mobilise Indian sepoys who did not even to think independently and investigate for themselves because the white man gave orders to start firing. You should expect more of this.

Sadly, 99% of the Hindu leaders in India and overseas have no clue of the sepoy army – who they are, who/how/why they get training, etc. Hence many Hindus fund, invite, sponsor, read these very same sepoys.

What does that tell you about the level of leadership and whether they are sufficiently informed to become leaders?

You should expect very soon that Indian sepoys will now be rapidly “made in India”. Sepoy training has infiltrated Indian institutions right under the nose of our leaders, and in many cases they are inside the organizations claiming to defend Hinduism. What an achievement for them!

Yet most of us continue to evade the core of this problem by going on blaming outsiders.

(Note: It is a Faculty Statement on Narendra Modi Visit to Silicon Valley. As faculty who engage South Asia in our research and teaching, we write to express our concerns about the uncritical fanfare being generated over Prime Min……. a video posted to oppose according fanfare welcome Indian PM Narendra Modi).

Video of Indian celebration of International Yoga Day

By: Ranjith Vadiyala
Here is the link of the Yoga Day video posted on “Sri Narendra Modi’s official Youtube channel”
One can note a few points about Yoga in this video:
1. Introduction starts in Hindi (a common language of overwhelming majority of Indians) and the first point is made about the unity consciousness
2. Yoga is 1000s of years old and its passed on from Shiva, adi yogi to Saptashi
3. Showed archaeological site and a artefact (Asana) from Indus civilization
4. Patanjali is the father of Modern Yoga, who compiled Yoga sutras in a systematic way, which were already there
5. Mentions different kinds of Yog viz Jnan Yog (Picture of Adi Shankara), Bhakthi Yog (May be Meera Bhai), Karma Yog (Sree Krishna and Arjuna), Matra Yog along with others
6. Mentions the asta ang of yog
7. Introduction finishes with Surya Namaskar Logo of Yoga Day.
8. At Rajpath – The introduction mentions Mantra and Unity Consciousness. Uses terms like ‘Beyond Time” and Infinity
9. MoS announces that Yog is given by the Indian Rishis to the world
10. NaMo – Yog is there for several thousands of years and asan is only a minute part of it
11. Yog Session – Starts with 3 times OM and a Rigved Manta/Sandhya Mantra

Gurgaon Model versus Punjab Model: Let next Govt. choose!

Post by: Shreepal Singh

LS 2014 election is almost nearing its end. Nobody yet knows the contours of the new government. If one puts oneself in the place of a neutral observer, it may be said there is a Narendra Modi wave in India; the entire country is divided between pro-Modi and anti-Modi camps. It seems Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India. But, and this but is a very heavy but, there is the Arvind Kejariwal Spanner in his way to the ascent. If Narendra Modi loses the magic mark in the new Lok Sabha, the entire blame (to some) or credit (to others) of this situation shall go to Arvind Kejariwal. Though for such scenario the blame or the credit goes to him, it will not be the Arvind Kejariwal’s victory; it will be the victory of Congress. In the net result, AK would be nothing more than a pawn used by Congress in this great Indian chess game of power. Unmindful of who makes the next government in Delhi, let us move to a subject that is more important for India: Gurgaon or Punjab, which one of the two economic models is better for India.

What is this Gurgaon model? And, what is Punjab model anyway? Wait a moment. Gurgaon and Punjab are only symbols. Take them as symbols only.

Let us suppose, Gurgaon is one India; and, Punjab is another India. Let us see what these two regions are doing in terms of their economic progress.

In Gurgaon we are inviting capital, foreign and Indian both, to invest in all sorts of industries, ranging from motor cars to paints and chemicals to real estate. For establishing these industries, Gurgaon needs land for capital holders; so, we acquire land from farmers; pay them compensation (let us not talk of corruption of changing land-user for money); and, we leave these farmers to fend for themselves with the compensation money.

What is the net result of this Gurgaon model? The moment the land is acquired by investors, the land price rockets and compensation amount turns out a meager sum unable to compete with big money; if the compensation-amount is wisely invested, farmer loses the land and becomes a petty shop keeper; or a truck driver; or adopts some such other vocation. But, if he is not wise and squanders his money or the money is not sufficient, then the farmer tries to survive by becoming a peon; or chowkidar; or industrial worker; or something like that. He and his next generation are doomed forever. A farmer from his farmland comes on the road.

But if a person had no land, what happens to him? Land, which he too needs, and life’s other necessities become costly for him; if one finds some petty job, it is o.k.; otherwise, he turns to crimes; phenomenal rise of crime in Gurgaon is not a secret. Then, Gurgaon makes pollution in air; discontent in common people; jams on roads; high rise apartments, which Gurgaon-walas cannot afford to buy. It is a suffocating life for those who have lived there since ages; full of crime, deprivation and insecurities.

Punjab has lush-green farmlands and its major population has migrated to the U.S. Canada, U.K., Australia, and, to almost every country (you name it, and you have a Punjabi settled there). Punjab has Bobby Jindals, Preet Bharars and many Singhs of fame in the U.S. They have made their way there by great struggles and sacrifices. There was no policy of Indian government to encourage the people from Punjab to emigrate to foreign lands; they did it on their own; they made the Punjab model with their blood. There are many Agrawals, Singhs, Patels in the U.S. etc. from India who are at the top in their chosen field of enterprise.

Why can India not educate and produce top talents who will go out of India to the wide open world and compete, and conquer there? What should be the top priority of the next government: highest investment in education (particularly, in fundamental science and technology) and encourage the talents to compete and conquer the world out of India?

Or, call foreign capital into India to invest and turn Indians into their guards and workers?

You may allocate the maximum possible government budget (not less than 20%) to education; even government provision for free or aided education to all talents; all and every effort of the country to the education, top quality education!

If you give top priority to education of the highest quality and encourage talents to go out and compete in the world, it is the Punjab Model.

The Punjab model will leave India lush-green in farms; high-tech farmers in their farms; young generation fully employed by those who need them and who cannot survive in the competition without such Indian talents; high-tech Indian heartland without pollution; talented Indians well settled around the world – along with their culture and heritage – in the Global Village.

Punjab model versus Gurgaon model: let the next government choose the better one!


Why Narendra Modi has emerged a strong leader!

Posted by: Parmanand Pandey, General Secretary IPC (Advocate, Supreme Court)

Going by the enthusiasm of the people and the overwhelming response that Mr. Narendra Modi is getting across the country one can safely conclude that he is destined to be coronated as the next Prime Minister of India. There are quite a large number of people, who dislike Narendra Modi to the extent to hating him. Their hatred is so deep and diabolic that they cannot be convinced with any amount of logic or reasoning. Modi bashers say that he has become popular because he is being projected by some important corporate houses of the country with the help of paid media and because of the support of a cadre based organisation like the RSS. They also say that Narendra Modi is a rabid communal person and he has polarised the people of the country based on the religion, which will be detrimental of the polity of the country in the days to come.

However, they conveniently ignore and forget the fact that Narendra Modi has become immensely popular in the country not only because of the reasons being given by his adversaries but there are many more factors which has been responsible to make him what he is. Is it not a fact that most of the political parties, particularly the Congress Party, have not been indulging in the appeasement of the Muslims and treating them as vote bank? Is it not true that Congress Party and many of its allies have not perpetuated the caste politics and the cult of dynastic politics? Can anybody deny that there has been a backbreaking rise in the prices during the regime of Dr. Man Mohan Singh, which is run by the remote control of Ms Sonia Gandhi? Is it not a fact that many swindles, scandals and cases of corruption have not eaten the country to hollow during the last ten years of Congress Government?

It is a known fact, that the foreign policy of this country has no say in the comity of the nations. India is no longer respected as the strong and powerful country in the world. Even the smaller countries do not bother much about India. The relationship with the neighboring countries like; Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives has touched to its nadir. Pakistan, although a failed state and a bankrupt country, has never been friendly with India, yet it is poking its nose in the internal affairs of the country. Terrorist activities in India often take place with assistance and complicity of Pakistan. Many modules of terrorists have sprung up across India with the monetary support of Pakistan. Pakistan also works as the conduit between the Indian terrorists and terrorism exporting countries like Saudi Arabia.

These weaknesses of the Government and the Administration have left the people with no choice but to go to Mr. Narendra Modi, who has emerged as one of the strongest leaders the country has seen after independence. While all political parties are bending over backwards to  appease the minorities but here is a person who says that he will not succumb to any pressure and will remain upright to every citizen of the country regardless of caste, creed or religion without any fear or favor of anybody. That is what India needs at this time.

The political terra firma has almost become barren and that is the reason that Modi haters take the shelter behind the Gujarat riots of 2002. They shamelessly use the snoop gate or, the estranged relationship with wife against him. The fact is that in both cases the complaints have not come from the side of those who have supposedly suffered. The woman of the snoop gate has not said against Narendra Modi. His wife Yashoda Ben, who was married to him in the childhood, has no regrets for not being with Narendra Modi. She has herself said that she prays to God that he becomes the Prime Minister and serve the country in the best possible manner.  All the political adversaries of Narendra Modi have been side lined whether they are the leaders of the BJP like; L.K. Advani, Sushma Sauraj, Murli Manohar Joshi or Yashwant Singh. His opponents in the Congress Party like; Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or Dig- Vijay Singh find themselves completely disillusioned. Man Mohan, the Prime Minister, is completely out of scene. Mulayam Singh, Mayawati, Jayalaitha, Mamta Bengerjee and Nitish Kumar have hardly any role to play.

 Arvind Kejriwal could have certainly changed the political discourse of the country if he had not been in the tearing hurry of becoming the Prime Minster of the country. In his impatience to get the power he even jettisoned his guru and mentor Anna Hazare. Anna Hazare must be credited to have changed the thought -process of the most of the people of particularly of the youngsters of the country. He was the harbinger of the hope for the young generation, which has been crumbling under the burden of corruption and unemployment. Nevertheless, this man Arvind Kejriwal drifted from path as shown by Anna Hazare. People believed him for some time but now he stands exposed. That is the reason that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and his party has been dumped on the way side by the people of the country.

The type of response and support, which Mr. Narendra Modi received in Varanasi when he had gone to file his nomination paper, was unprecedented And that is why, we find a ray of hope and wish Narendra Modi gets absolute majority in Lok Sabha to bring about the changes that he has envisioned. May God help our country and us!

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