To Rahul, his Family and Congress “Rama is Non-existent”. His “Ram-bhakti” is Fake!

Rahul Gandhi and his younger sister Priyanka Gandhi are trying to prove that they are better Hindus than thousands of others. Let them live in their own make-believe world. In Hinduism, there is no place for a demonstration, and this is one of the reasons that a person who exhibits by his/her outward behaviour of claiming to a Hindu is considered to be an impostor. Simplicity, good conduct and abhorrence from dishonesty are some of the qualities, which are the sine qua non for Hinduism. It is an altogether different matter that not many people adhere to it in real life. It can be seen from the lives of hypocrite Babas, who believe more in ostentation than in the real religion.
     However, what is most significant is that only a few years ago the Government of the Congress of which Sonia Gandhi was the President had filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court that Rama was a mythical person. It resonated the words of Karunanidhi, one of the biggest enemies of Hinduism, who said that there was no Ramsetu. Karunanidhi had even questioned the skill of Lord Rama and his army by asking that from which college Rama and his army of monkeys had studied the engineering that helped them in building a bridge? Can there be any discussion or dialogue with persons like Karunanidhi, who was more known for his womanizing and writing the scripts of phantasy films than learning and visionary thinking? But now the same Rahul Gandhi and his sister are visiting from temple to temple to show that they are also devout Hindus. They should be asked whether they were correct then or are correct now? By the way, it is difficult to remember if they have ever visited any temple in Delhi, where they live.
      The love of the Congress Party for Lord Rama is a total sham and fake. This can be known from the undeniable fact that during the hearing of Ayodhya issue in the Supreme Court, the Advocates, who are also the important leaders of Congress party threw spanners in the hearing and demanded that it should be adjourned till July !5, 2019, when the new government at the Centre was installed. They knew it well that during the hearing their stand will be exposed. 
    These leaders have many times unabashedly defended JNU lobby, that openly works against the unity and the integrity of the country. It is the same party, which promoted the policy of appeasement and communalism, that has eaten into the vitals of the country. The need is to beware of such leaders, who have gained expertise in saying and showing something, which they will never believe. The hiatus, the chasm between the words and works and preaching and practice of these people is absolutely unbridgeable. Can there be any bigger deception to befool the people?

Rahul Gandhi Joins the ‘Breaking India’ Forces!

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Rahul Gandhi has now openly identified himself with the ‘Breaking India’ forces. He leads these forces from within India. And, he leads these forces from the front. If there was any doubt left on this count, that is gone today.

On Monday 23rd of April, 2018, Rahul Gandhi while inaugurating his ‘Save Constitution’ campaign, said, “Prime Minister Modi has destroyed the image of India in the outside world. In the four years, India has suffered a serious setback to its image in the world. The talk in the world earlier used to be about the Indian Constitution and strong democracy in India, but now the talk in the world today is about the atrocities on women, violence against Dalits and assaults on minorities.”

So, according to Rahul Gandhi the world is talking about ’atrocities on women’, ‘violence against Dalits’, ‘assaults on minorities.’ But the reality is that the world is talking many things and Rahul Gandhi has picked up some of these talks, to launch his campaign. In selecting his preferred choice of the ‘subjects’ that the world is talking about India, Rahul Gandhi has shown his true colors!

There is not ‘one talk’ in India and there is not ‘one talk’ in the world; India is divided and world is divided between camps of conflicting views, interests and agendas; and, one has to take ‘this’ or ‘that’ side. It is one’s choice of taking a side in these conflicting versions of India – and world – that makes a man friend or foe of India. There are many neutral international agencies – and observers – that rate India as a rapidly rising power of significance in Asia and the world and that rate the Indian Prime Minister Modi as an emerging world leader. But let us leave that apart because Rahul Gandhi has no concern with the objective reality. He seems to be disconnected with not only the Indian people – the voters whom he is trying to woo – but also the realities of this world.

Rahul Gandhi has chosen to take a side against this rising India. Let us examine the merit of the side that he is now aligned with.

Let us see ‘who’ is talking in the world – within India and outside India – about atrocities on minorities, women and Dalits, and what is the merits of such atrocities claims.

There is a well-oiled industry producing this atrocity literature.

Find the samples of these atrocities being “committed” in India and being “talked” about in the world:












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In his zeal to attack and destroy Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi chose a totally wrong spot. He started his address in his campaign to ‘Save Constitution’ from a quote in “Karam Yogi”, a booklet written by Modi. In this book in his efforts for a ‘Cleanliness Drive’ in India, Modi has linked the act of cleaning one’s own toilet to spiritualism. In a complaining tone, Rahul Gandhi said, “Now in cleaning toilets and making Pakora (pancakes) also, there looks spiritualism.” What a wrong spot! It can’t be worse than this selection.

Of late, Rahul Gandhi is sporting ‘Janau’ (Hindu sacred thread worn around one’s neck), putting a prominent ‘Tilak’ (Hindu sacred colored mark) on his forehead and missing no opportunity to prostrate before a deity in every temple in India, wherever he goes. Every ordinary Hindu in India (where still 80% are Hindus) loves a person – ignoring his faults and crimes whatever they be – and accords his respect. But there is one condition to such act of sporting ‘Janau’, ‘Tilak’ and ‘prostrating’ before a deity: The act should be genuine and not fake!

By making his aforesaid comment about linking ‘toilet cleaning’ and ‘Pakora making’ with spiritualism, Rahul Gandhi has betrayed his ignorance of Hinduism (where everything is linked to spiritualism) and inadvertently exposed his fake antics!

Is ‘cleaning toilet’ linked to spiritualism? Does Rahul Gandhi understand spiritualism? What is the relation of one’s acts to spiritualism – the path to Divine destination? Every ordinary Hindu knows it; but Rahul Gandhi does not know it!

Sri Aurobindo said, “All life is Yoga”. Does Rahul Gandhi know who is this man called Sri Aurobindo? No chance for him to know Sri Aurobindo, because he (Rahul Gandhi) was not born and brought up as a Hindu, who could have a chance to know what great Indian sages are saying about Hinduism; also, he is not a great intellectual searching for truth, and in his such pursuit reading books of great saints like Sri Aurobindo.

Gita teaches one to make one’s every act (big or small act) to offer to Divine as a path to one’s ultimate submersion in that Divine (attaining ‘Mukti’). Does Rahul Gandhi know it? Again, no chance!

Upanishad(s) teach, again and again, and in different manners that it is one’s acts and one’s attitude towards his acts that make him walk towards the ultimate TRUTH – the Divine! But does Rahul Gandi know it? No chance!

In fact, Rahul Gandhi has chosen a completely wrong spot to attack Narendra Modi. May be, because of the wrong advice of his advisers! But does he depend on his advisers on such a small knowledge of basics of Hindu way of life? Yes, for him, unfortunately!

Modi emerges tall vis-a-vis Rahul and Kejarival

By: Parmanand Pandey (Advocate, Supreme Court & General Secretary, Indian people’s Congress)

To talk about politics in the Supreme Court premises is a recipe for controversy, which fortunately does not result into rancour and bitterness. However, divergent groups emerge spontaneously. As they say, where two advocates meet, they come out with three opinions. Therefore, there will always be differences among the advocates, which is undoubtedly a good sign of dissent followed by debate and discussion.

A few days ago, again Advocate Shreepal Singh expostulated his political analysis about three important leaders of the country namely: Shri Rahul Gandhi, Shri Arvind Kejrival and Shri Narendra Modi. He says that only these three leaders have some relevance in the present circumstances. He has attempted to draw comparison among above three. He says that he would test the importance and relevance of any leader on three parameters, which he has set out on his own.

These parameters are economic, social and political.

As for as the economic philosophy is concerned Shreepal Singh is of the view all three leaders are in favour of privatisation. Rahul Gandhi is the champion of the privatisation and if he gets the opportunity to implement his ideas, the peasants and farmers will be reduced to the status of mere workers. Rahul Gandhi wants the manufacturing sector to go into the hands of only the big business houses. This, according to him, is not desirable for the country.

In fact, UPA II has followed the ideas of Rahul Gandhi and because of it crony capitalism has grown by leaps and bounds during this period.

He says that Mr. Kejrival, who has emerged as an important leader of the middle class Indians, has no definite economic policy but going by his speech at the FICCI, one can safely say that his economic philosophy is no different from Rahul Gandhi. He is in fact sailing with the Congress as far as the economics is concerned.

Now come to Narendra Modi. He is also in favour of Privatisation but with a remarkable difference from other two. Modi emphasizes on the equal growth of three segments i.e. service, agriculture and manufacturing. Therefore, his model of development is in conformity with India’s spiritual ethos. It is also consistent with Gandhian model of development, where small manufactures and peasants would be able to live with dignity.

Shri Shreepal Singh is a trenchant critic of the social philosophy of Rahul Gandhi, who follows the age-old policy of the Congress. He says that during the last 65 years, whether in power or out of power, this party has divided the country on caste and communal lines. Immediately after the partition of the country, the congress has had the excellent opportunity to build a strong nation by eliminating the caste and communal differences. The Congress Party is to be squarely blamed for the rising communalism in country. Muslims communalism was allowed to grow unabated by this party. All Congress governments in fact, fanned it. Later other regional parties followed and adopted the policy of competitive communalism. Mayawati, Mulayam, Mamta, Jayalalitha, Nitish, Lalu Ram Bilas Paswan and Navin Patnaik etc. are only the extension of the Congress in the matters related to social philosophy.

Arvind Kejrival, a self proclaimed crusader for the eradication of corruption is hardly different from other congress brand politicians in this regard. His meetings and parleys with a hard- boiled Muslim cleric at Bareilly is a burning example of it. He wanted the cleric to campaign in favour of AAP. This is a very dangerous trend. Criticise Hindus and pamper Muslim communalists is to be deprecated.

On the other hand, Narendra Modi, who is reviled day in and day out for being a Hindu communalist, is very straightforward person. He says ‘India first’, where there will be no preference to any body based on community or religion.

Communal Violence Bill that was proposed to be introduced by the Congress Party with the tacit support of other secular parties would have brought doom to the strong nationalism. Therefore, Modi’s slogan for the‘nation first’ must be supported by everyone. Modi’s action in controlling the communal riots is praiseworthy. who is at the helm of affairs of state .Any politician, thus, should be judged by his or her deeds rather then by lectures or sermons. During the last 12 years, not even one communal riot has taken place in Modi’s regime of Gujrat whereas most of the congress run states have witnessed communal riots almost every month.

Therefore, Modi emerges taller than Rahul and Kejrival on all yardsticks of governance.

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