Dear Donald Trump, How to ‘Make America Great Again’?

By: Name withheld

Donald Trump has a mission, vision and strategy. He has a mission to make America great again, and, before that, to make America safe for Americans. He is obviously much occupied in his presidential campaign in clarifying his vision and strategy for this priority. In his vision, Islamic Terrorism is the greatest threat to the safety of his country and his strategy to avert this threat is to “ban” the entry of Muslims to America (in the first phase of his campaign, which is now lowered to the level of ‘making the scrutiny of every Muslim intending to enter America’).

Just see the folly of this vision and strategy. Today our world is an interconnected one unit thanks to technology. The strategy of Trump is like a person who has his house in the burning woods and shuts its door in the hope that the fire would not touch it this way! You don’t want to come out of your house to see what is happening in the woods and what can be done of it. Thanks to this vision and this strategy and thanks to Donald Trump for his “ingenuity” in making America great again!

This presidential hopeful is as naïve in his understanding of the militant Islam as in his strategy to deal with it. He doesn’t even have an idea that what he is faced with is not a religion but a military ideology disguised as religion – a military ideology more potent in planning, strategy and goal than the military ideologies of Nazism and Communism, which the world had to deal in recent past.

It is a military doctrine that has all the required elements of “recruitment, strategy, motivation, deterrent and goal” of such an enterprise. These elements – recruitment, strategy, motivation, deterrent and goal – superbly ensure a perennial source of an inflow of soldiers into the army and put this army into an impregnable iron-walled cage. How the army is recruited and put in a cage?

This is how it is done: “Here is a message. Though it is uttered by a human being but it is a word of God because it is spoken to him by God himself; being a word of God, no human has a right to challenge this word; being the word of God, it is eternal for all times to come and unalterable with the passage of time, and it is the supreme duty of adherents to obey this word; an attempt to question or challenge this word of God is a crime of the highest degree and the penalty for this crime is death; this word commands (and this word being the word of God, God commands) the adherents to make everyone on Earth to adhere to this word, by persuasion if possible and by force if need be; one has the freedom to become this word’s adherent but forbidden thereafter to leave the ranks of adherents and the penalty for attempting to leave is death; it is a war between us and the rest of the world, and in the war command is to practice all forms of deceit – make aggression, when strong; lie low, when weak; tell lie, when necessary; pretend, when needed – till this war is won; in this word God assures that if a faithful succeeds in his efforts to bring others to his ranks, he is rewarded here in this world plentifully with women and loot but if he dies then he is rewarded in the next world more plentifully with women and pleasures.”

There are a number of ways one can find himself or herself in but once he or she is in there is no way to get out. It is a clever trap and a perfect cage for ordinary humans, innocent billions!

In this cage you can go in but once (gone) in you cannot come out – a cage where if you accept once, you cannot question ever again; a cage where you have enough worldly and heavenly enticements to go in but once (gone) in, you are made to face mortal deterrence against coming out; a cage where you may be forced to enter to save your life but you will lose your life if you try to come out.

It is the perfect way to raise an army – an army of duped innocents; an army of zealots; an army of humans who are motivated to make the supreme sacrifice by happily laying down their lives; an army of humans who have nothing to lose by their missionary acts in this world or in the next world (to which they may be dispatched) but only to gain both in this world and in that next world! In psychological make-up this standing army is unparalleled in human history and in comparison thereof Nazism or Communism are not even its pale shadow.

Unfortunately, we are living in an era of atomic weapons and this military doctrine has acquired now additional capacity to bring this world into an atomic confrontation. While the rest of the humanity shudders at the thought of such confrontation, this standing army is psychologically ready to kill or die in an assured hope of a life in the next world better than they lead now in this world.

Genetics is occupied with the foundation of building blocks of organic body of living beings and neuroscience is similarly concerned with (human) brain’s functioning as mind. We know very well today that it is possible a human body may be afflicted with a kind of genetic defect and also a brain may have some neurological disorder. In a person these disorders of body and/or brain can be identified and detected, though may not yet be cured fully. Is it possible that the mental cage of this standing army could be diagnosed as some kind of disorder? Is it possible for science to cure this ailment? The time will tell.

Is there any solution to the problem, till then?

Let us be objective. The people in this cage need all the sympathy and help of humanity. They are the victims, victims of circumstances. It is the moral duty of humanity to give them a helping hand to come out of this cage. But, how one can help them?

Give them the way – the way to come out! The way to come out to those who want to come out – the way of liberalism, Sufism, Baha’ism, the way of atheists, of agnostics, the way of ex-Muslims – anything under the sun but the cage. Encourage the groups in them to identify with their local ethnicity, culture, nation, tribe, language, anything but the cage. They key is to encourage the units – units of people, units of lands, units of language, units of culture – to assert their identities; the key is to give these units a helping hand – a helping hand in all manners and by all means. A collective action of humanity has eradicated polio – the collective action has the efficacy and can save this part of humanity from the plight they are in.

Dear Donald Trump, if you ever become the President, please don’t bar the entry of all Muslims to your country – don’t shut the door for it is no strategy to make America great again!

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