Universe is packed with many dimensions!

This universe is fully packed with dimensions and we humans, like all other forms of living and nonliving things, exist in those dimensions as we exist in space (and time). Of course, all the things – it is absurd to distinguish them between living and nonliving – that exist in those dimensions also exist in some way in space and time dimensions as well. We are surrounded on all sides, by things we do not know. It is not a fiction; it is scientific reality; we are saying so by deduction; and science has already got its inkling but will take its own time to declare so. We are very much limited in our imagination and approach, despite the frontiers of our established science rubbing shoulders with the outlying domains of those dimensions. We have life that is peculiar to space; all earth life – DNA et al – is contrivance of things in space. Similar contrivance could be possible in the time’s dimension; unfortunately we do not know much of any significance about this dimension, which we call time.

Things exist in time as they exist in space and it is possible that things can be arranged in a peculiar manner in time using its elements as they are arranged in space in the form of spatial DNA etc. How can we insist that things exist in space only and that they can be arranged in the peculiar form of DNA etc. in space only? It is absolutely absurd on our part to so insist. It is possible to so arrange things in time’s dimension also. If we suppose it possible to so arrange things in peculiar fashion in the time’s dimension, what kind of properties or capabilities that life (!) would exhibit? We have no means to speculate on them; certainly, they would be miles and miles beyond our wildest imagination. Perhaps, things possessing that life (!) would be able to walk up and down in time (that certainly is past, present and future, as we humans understand them) as we humans possessing life in space are able to walk up and down earth’s continents and outer space’s planets and galaxies (of course, the last not yet). We are talking here of the time’s dimension. But time’s is not the only other dimension there in the universe; the universe is fully packed with many of them. Can we talk about them? Talking figuratively, we are not more than little poor insect crawling tentatively in a dark corner of a vast forest, at a little corner of the vast earth, orbiting a poor star in the vast galaxy etc. and trying to figure out the binary function of humans computer; and, if we really understand the truth involved here, we are literally, and not figuratively, more than a crawling insect.

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