Critical times today!

“Things” are not things in this universe, as they appear to be.  They are “events”. They are not static in nature; they are dynamic, literally every moment of the time. It is a fluid situation; it is complex formation; it is really difficult for us to tune ourselves in our consciousness to this reality of Nature.

To make the matter still more difficult for us, it is not certain that this dynamic Nature always remains fixed or unaltered in its dynamic-pattern. At times, in this dynamic world, the rate of change of events from one state to another may itself be changing. If such changes are “constant” in rate, humanity may perhaps manage the situation by adapting to the new change but if this “rate” too is changing in the nature of incremental or geometrical progression, then a critical point would be reached someday where it (humanity) could not cope with the new situation.

Unfortunately, in the case of evolving humanity on Earth this change is really in the nature of a geometrical progression.

We see this geometrical progression in the field of knowledge when we find that science has multiplied into many of its branches, until all these diverse branches meet together or converge on a single discipline of unified knowledge.  We realize at this stage that the universe is an organic whole structure wherein all its parts are working in synchronized unison.

In the field of technology, this point is reached when we find that humans have become capable to change almost anything and everything in Nature to their liking.

In economy, this critical point is reached when the production of commodities becomes automated, that is, without any human intervention.

In the ecology we reach a zenith point when manmade industralization brings a state wherein the environment is not able to sustain life on Earth.

In respect of population, this point is reached when we find that humanity is no longer able to sustain the peaceful co-existence of humanity with harmony in the face of increased demands on natural resources, which are limited.

In war this point is reached when humans are not able to withstand the ill-effect of a world-war fought with weapons of mass destruction.

Let us see where we stand today in face of the changes taking place on our planet.

On our over-populated planet today fossil-fuelled power stations, energy-guzzling factories, power-consuming modern buildings, forest-fires, animal-rearing, traditional cooking, fossil-fuel driven transportation, burning of waste crops etc. are releasing carbon into Earth’s atmosphere, causing the global warming and making it inhabitable for life.

With the advancement of science and technology today, a new and better economic way-of-life is replacing the old one. In this new economic way-of-life, the human-element involved in the production-process is surely going to be replaced, for the first time in human history, by a completely non-human element of artificial intelligence. The automated robotic production is already slowly but steadily replacing the old mode. This non-human element would almost completely eliminate the need of human beings in commodities production-process. It is becoming a reality that a small group of scientists is enough to maintain the production; to manage social apparatus; to control and govern ignorant human multitude on our planet.

And, such a situation will surely cause the universal unemployment of humanity, which would be the zenith point of our presently established social order.

Earth is heading towards a population explosion with increased demand for and pressure on natural resources, which are limited in quantity.

With a competition for these scarce resources and increased demand for food, water, land, commodities and services etc., a new explosive ground is being prepared today for humanity.

All these changes would bring crimes related to economic matters, violence, and migration of human population resulting in global turmoil.

These circumstances will create prospects of increased ethnic and racial tensions, and international clashes.

The concentration of wealth in a few hands made possible by the prevalent private market economy at the global level is sure to cause the elimination of the weak in the economy and creation of the monopolies of a few strong ones. It would cause not only a widening gap between the rich and the poor but also the costly life, rampant unemployment and helplessness of the poor to do anything to avert his condition would cause a general heart-burning and explosive social condition at the global scale.

Today there is an all-pervading mental restlessness not only among human beings but even in animals, birds and other creatures. In the face of rampant depression, suicidal tendencies and frustration at the global level, the preservation of mental health has become a great challenge to our society today. It is caused by the ill-effect on human brain/mind of the omnipresent and ever increasing electromagnetic radiation generated by our devices on which our civilization is dependent. The  rapid advance in bio-science is already making our race a disoriented horde.

It is a critical situation. We are living at critical times.

This document is systematically sequential. Read NEXT here.


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