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Summary of Vision Document:

We humans live on earth but our earth is insignificant in universe. This universe is too big and also too small for us to properly comprehend. We live in time but we do not know how this ‘our time’ started or how many times the ‘original time’ started. It is bewildering, to say the least. Even the  dimensions we live in do not seem to be limited to space and time. In this jumble, there is no reason at all that we should have been here, as we are, in this play-of-the-dead matter except for the reason that life is an integral part of this dead matter, albeit in the potential form. We are conscious because we are life and it highly probable that this life may have many kinds. Luckily, we humans are prone to be curious to know the reality of everything. Fortunately, we have now come to realize that the truth of this reality is not absolute in nature but only  relative and  that this universe is pure energy in essence. In our search for reality of everything we depend on science but we realize that science has limitations and there are many para-normal events that remain unexplained by science. Prudence requires that we should be cognizant of these limitations of science and open ourselves to startling para-normal realities, which exist in Nature. Though many spiritually evolved persons with such paranormal capabilities have been there since ages, still such capabilities have been beyond the reach of ordinary humans. However, as a result of the universal unfoldimg process, akin to biological evolutionary unfolding, these para-normal or occult capabilities are goining, sooner or later, to become part of the daily lives of ordinary humans also, provided we humans are not fools to destroy ourselves before that happens. As rational persons we must realize that Nature itself is nothing but an evolving divinity. Let us realize that life and humans are immortal. Let us realize that life in all its forms is undergoing a cyclic evolution. and that life has a great secret of its immortality. Let us realize that today we are living in critical times. We need to follow the Path of Wisdom. The source of all kinds of our individual and social problems, when seen from the perspective of the occult realities, is found deep-rooted in our internal or psychological make-up. When seen from such perspective, all these problems assume an altogether a different color for finding their solution. We since our debut as humans out of a roaming animal herd have devised and tried many social ideas to solve our serious social problems but have always failed without any semblances of perfection. Such social ideas have been like role of machines, economic exploitation, technology and employment, ecological imbalance, capitalism, communism, democracy etc. However, when we put ourselves on the path of knowing what we really are all our problems – whether confronting us at the individual or societal level – are shifted to a different environment and open new possibilities for us for their solution.


India is a land where bullock-carts crawl and space-ships zoom side by side. It is a land where an ancient language (Sanskrit) and a modern language (English) both are spoken by ordinary people with equal fervor. It is a land where the ancient knowledge of mystic Spirit (to wit, a secret source of enlightenment in the form of an ‘occult’, ‘sacred’, ‘eternal’, ‘all-knowing’, and ‘blissful’ conscious spark within every human-heart and within every particle of universe in latent form) as well as pinnacles of modern scientific knowledge (like Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics etc.) are parts of daily lives of its people. Ordinary folks here, in this 21st century, still lead their life as simple in ways and high in thoughts as they had lived (at least) in 326 BC, when Alexander the Great visited this land. Indian civilization is an unbroken continuity of its past, like an arrow of time flying from the past to the future. It has amazingly preserved the accumulated wisdom of its past to face the challenges of the future.

This civilization deals with the humanity’s prudent but short-lived concerns of this apparent material world and also with our eternal concerns of the hereafter-world(s) into which we all are pushed for recycling on our death. While so doing, it equitably balances the interests of these rival concerns. Although this civilization is not a religion, it has given birth to several major world religions (e.g. Sanatan Dharma, Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism, Sikhism), which all are congruent with each other in their essence.

It is an incredible civilization!


Today we are living in a wonderful world of immense possibilities. This is made possible by Technology, an offspring of Science. Now science – in its branch called Cognitive Neuroscience – is all set to unveil the working of neurons ‘network’ in brain and unlock the secrets of unconscious, sub-conscious and conscious Mind. What is in store for us? We have a clue of the Nature’s way-of-working: ‘Stable patterns’ are invariably found replicated in Nature at micro and macro scales! We find one stable pattern of orbital revolution (of things) around a nucleus replicated  in Atom, in Solar System, in Galaxies etc. One more stable pattern is ‘Life’, with which our Earth is infested to the brim! Should we hope to find this stable pattern of life being replicated in the ‘network’ of forces in planets, stars, galaxies, black-holes etc.? If it is found so, it would be of more profundity in consequence than the discoveries of atom, relativity, DNA, digital technology etc.! Is our science heading towards an Organic Cosmology? One thing is certain: Future is loaded with more possibilities than what is possible for us now in the Present. Let’s wait and watch!


Our times are ripe for a wholesale change. A ‘New World’ of unimaginable possibilities is before us. But a ‘Gate’ – the gate of obstinacy of our outlook – is obstructing our further move! The key to this ‘Gate’ is: ‘Science in the aid of Mysticism and Mysticism in the aid of Science!’

‘Vision Document’ is recommended for further studies.


Recommended for you ‘Vision Document’ at this site! Why? Because we need to learn and we need to act. With a comprehensive view and comprehensive approach. For everything and at everywhere!


Indian People’s Congress reflects Wisdom of the East. This Wisdom does not belong to any particular region of the world – East, West, South or North. It is a particular mental attitude that a person may have and a person living in the East may belong to the West and another living in the West may belong to the East etc.

Wisdom of the East addresses the supreme and eternal human concerns of life, happiness, peace, progress etc., and points towards the way-out of our serious difficulties in the modern context.

Wisdom of the East is not boxed in any religion, nor its scope is delimited as we find in science and scientific methodology. Its secret domain lies beyond religious dogmas and space-time dimensions of science, although one may hear its faint calling in his or her own religion or one may find its resonance in modern scientific inquiry.

Contrary to dogmatic religiosity, this Wisdom is rooted in the human spirit of questioning. Also contrary to science and its methodology of conducting experiment within space-time constraints, this Wisdom blossoms out of many dimensions, the nature of which are beyond humans mental comprehension.

Wisdom of the East is a vision of inquiry and investigation of the ultimate reality of things as they exist in this universe. In the light of knowledge born out of this inquiry and investigation, it assigns in this universe to humans a glorious place with a sublime purpose. It holds Nature a sacrosanct entity and casts responsibility on humans to treat it with dignity.

It is the path of light, prosperity and happiness for all.

This human inquisitive wisdom strikes at the inmost core of best of human minds. This Wisdom like science does not grope in the dark on the strength of a hypothesis in search of something unknown. In its inquiry, search and understanding of things that are known and that are yet unknown, it adopts an  evolutionary approach and utilizes what is already known by experience and thence proceeds further to the unknown.

This vision understands our world and its burning problems in the light of this evolutionary perspective and guides us like a lighthouse in an unknown ocean. The evolutionary approach helps us in crafting a better future for all of us.

Nevertheless, in crafting a future for ourselves, one has to deal with the present world wherein we live today.

We know that in an integrated world today, our fate in war and peace both is tied together and an ill-motivated act of one of us can kill us all. Despite knowing this commonality of our fate, we as global community allow ourselves to suffer with serious disputes and discord.

We occupy ourselves in pursuit of our own happiness, well-being, peace, progress, prosperity etc., and remain callous to the welfare of billions of others. This attitude on our part gives rise to all kinds of conflicts, disputes and discord.

As a result of this callous attitude, there is a sense of discontent among humanity and an emerging global unrest. Presently almost the entire humanity has been reduced to a mentally and physically restless-lot. As intelligent and enlightened global citizens we need to think wisely and resolve our conflicts and discord amicably.

In the awareness of this emerging global discontent and restlessness, people everywhere need to unite and give this unrest a meaningful  direction in the light of the Wisdom of the East.

We, as human beings, have many shortcomings and failures on our part. In fact, we are still evolving beings and yet imperfect. We, as global citizens, are fellow-travelers riding on a single ship, the ship called Earth. And, we are travelling in an uncharted and unfathomable ocean called universe. We need mutual understanding, compassion and goodwill, so that this ship is not rocked mid-course.

Indian People’s Congress as a political instrument aims at utilizing people’s democratic will to place this vision as a beckoning light before the people of India and humanity at large.

Vision Document of Indian People’s Congress available at this website addresses all these concerns of humanity and concludes that today there is an urgent need on our part to bring a change in the way we think and the way we live.

Indian People’s Congress is decentralized in its organization; follows the policy of alliances with ideologically similar organizations as a political strategy; and relies primarily on information technology for reaching out to people.

Indian People’s Congress is confident that, with the increased penetration of internet and technological advances in automatic language translation, Wisdom of the East will reach more and more people around the world; these wise people will unite and take decision-making into their own hands; and shape the fate of humanity in the light of this Wisdom.


With the advent of 21st century, today we are at the threshold of a third renaissance. What is this new third renaissance? And, what were the earlier two: the first renaissance and the second renaissance?

In the primitive ages, humans were ignorant of the Nature’s ways of working but in due course of time with the discovery of fire, wheel and metal, for the first time they were able to enjoy somewhat security; to afford some leisure moments to think, to be curious about things, to frame questions, and to try to understand Nature and its working. And, then a few wise persons, at different times and different places, investigated Nature through their subjective consciousness and found answers to their queries in religion(s). They led the humanity behind them. Religion was the light of the first renaissance.

Then in due course of time came the second renaissance. A few wise persons out of the multitude that was steeped in religions saw the light of reason. They found cause and effect working in Nature, discovered its laws, established scientific discipline, explained Nature in terms of classical physics, and invented technology. Today we are still led by this light. Our present civilization is also rooted in this renaissance.

But now a few wise persons out of the multitude steeped in ‘Classical Physics’ have rejected this view. They have begun to view Nature differently. Their science is now knocking at the door of ‘Infinity’.

These wise persons now have got a taste of this ‘Infinity’ in their numerous scientific discoveries, a few of which are:

Nature is an integrated cosmos; things in this cosmos are not things but events; these events are not absolute but only relative in their values; events (or entities) are governed not by the cause/effect but by the laws of quantum interactions;  possibility of more than the four known {existential) dimensions is present; dimensions may have their own peculiar corresponding worlds; human-mind’s reason (or artificial intelligence) can be technically created and enhanced; life may be changed by genetic editing; life-consciousness as we know it can exist exterior to human brain; existence of  many (subtle) planes of consciousness is possible; existence of their corresponding worlds is possible and may be accessed hypnotically; there could be cyclic chain of births / rebirths of some kind of consciousness.

These wise persons – scientists – are amazed at such ‘Infinite’ dimension of Nature and are now evolving a radically different view of Nature.

All this new knowledge, still mostly theoretical in nature, would surely be translated into its consequential associated technologies with the passage of time. And, as and when these technologies are made a part of our daily life, they would change our way of life and thinking radically and forever, bringing a new renaissance. We are at the threshold of a third renaissance. 

Fortunately, humanity has already got the store-house of age-old practical (or experimental) experiences dealing with an ‘Infinite Dimension of a para-normal kind’ of this universe, albeit these experiments were carried out from a totally different pedstel. These experiments /experiences are precisely recorded in  their respective literature.

The instances of such experiments/ experiences/ literature are, among many others, Rig-Vedic hymns, ‘Gita’ of Sri Krishna, ‘Dhamma-Pada’ of Gautam Buddha, ‘Yoga-Sutra’of Patanjali, Shankar Acharya, ‘Bible’ of Jesus Christ, Nanak Dev, Farid-ud-Deen, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo etc.

Significantly many disciplines of modern science (like Einstein’ Relativity; psychology’s sub-conscious and unconscious mind; parapsychology’s Near-Death-Experience, Extra-sensory-Perception; Neuroscience’s signal transmission; Hypnotherapy’s travel of consciousness to past and future) are validating with each passing day the truth of such knowledge.

The third renaissance, despite all prejudicial obstructions by some, will soon be the day-to-day reality  of our lives. 

Vision Document available at this website examines these issues in detail.


For now, the only Light that enables us to have some idea of this grand universe and its deep Mystery – and the idea of still more mysterious presence of Life in this puzzle – is Science, that is, Reason. And Technology is the only help available to us in this jigsaw to survive and prosper in Nature’s hostile regime ! Seen with this light,  universe is an intriguingly Complex Structure.


◆ It is sensible on our part that, for now,  we exclusively depend upon Science and Reason in judging the reality of things around us and the truth of people’s opinions, and we utilize science and technology to the hilt  to search and discover the ways of working of this world, modify things to meet our needs here, and live comfortably.


But, lo and behold, life’s Evolution that evolved Light of Reason is still at work. It is evolving now for the first time in human history further a next higher device of Light of Heart for ordinary human multitude. Seen with this light, universe is an Eternal Play of Infinite Love.


In its efficacy to know the Reality, the light of Heart is a superior Tool than the light of Reason. The light of reason Understands the reality and the light of heart Knows the reality.


But, except in a few cases of evolved humans here and there in different countries and from time to time, humanity at large is not equipped with this Light generally and in a sufficiently developed form. Nevertheless, increasing acceptance by the global community of human-rights-sentiments of ever wider spectrum today is the direct outcome of an increasing influence over humanity of this light of heart.


As mind’s Reason is not the Organic Brain, so is heart’s Light not the Organic Heart but something akin to a search-light from within that pierces the outer appearance of an object under its gaze and unveils its true essence.


Though the Judgment of heart appears to the Reason of mind a sheer stupidity, still this Judgment’s result or output, in our material world, scores a stunning victory over the Reason. To reason, such an output falls in the category of Supernatural and an impossible one, and befundle it.


However, judging by the dismal state of human mentality even today, the common availability of such a tool may take quite a long time – even a very long time – for humanity.  In the meantime,  how we should conduct ourselves to co-exist in peace on Earth and eventually on some other planet(s), is the question to be solved by humanity today.


In any way, to enable this miracle to happen on Earth – which would be more miraculous than the appearance of reason in our race -, we shall have to ensure that there is Global Peace  and Human Survival on this planet. The challenge to these twin objectives is posed by Atomic War,  Climate Change,  Global Terrorism,  extreme un-even distribution of global wealth, robotic human-unemployment and Artificial Intelligence pitted against humanity. 


All these issues are examined in a rational way in Vision Document on this website.


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