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Indian People’s Congress – serving human evolutionary cause. Welcome to Indian People’s Congress: a techer, a gude in a voletile age in which we live!


We are humans – and not animals – only because we have evolved faculty of “reason”. This “rationality” is the engine that has made us humans and would propel us further in our evolutionary journey. It would catapult us to realm of those realities that are beyond the reach of humans and insert us into a new evolutionary cycle. Let this “reason” scrutinize our credos and enlighten us, and craft our present and future.
Today, when technology has turned the impossible into possible and paved the way for us to either destroy ourselves or rule the Nature, let humanity guide herself by time tested ” Three Mantras”: Internal spiritual development and external material progress, which bring to us mental peace and better living standards; rational thinking and beliefs founded on it, which bring to us justice and international peace; and, awareness of life’s evolutionary nature and the guidance derived from it, which would save us from dangerous pitfalls on the road to our future.
Strangely, war and peace are peculiar only to humans. We humans love peace but we also love war. We  oscillate like pendulum between peace and war. Peace maintained by us in the world is the most desirable thing in this atomic age today. War has become not a mere disasterous thing but a life decimating event. To put a full stop to this life decimating thing, humans have to move ahead on the evolutionary scale. How can it be done?

The visit to this website is in a way the barometer that indicates how maeoplny people among us are concerned about today’s burning problems of humanity.


In this vast universe, we have our home at one place only: Earth. It is so at least till now. This universe is so vast that it seems edge-less and, therein, our Earth is so insignificant that it looks like a dot on an infinite canvass. Today we know this fact and realize the fragility of our Earth and our existence on this Earth.

The fragility of Earth and our existence creates a feeling of insecurity in our mind. We also know that in our evolutionary journey we have come a long way. Today, thanks to science we know many secrets of Nature and thanks to technology we can tinker many things in Nature to our liking.

Our wisdom impresses upon us that we should utilize this knowledge and capability to thwart any danger to our existence in whatever way possible. Obviously, the supreme important thing for us is to ensure our continued existence and our welfare. However, our existence and welfare are jeopardized by two sources of the danger: the threat posed by man-made circumstances and the threat coming from extraterrestrial circumstances. Humanity is wise enough to realize that we share a common cause and an imperative necessity in protecting ourselves from these twin dangers.

Though the extraterrestrial source of danger is more difficult to safeguard against, still the man-made one is more likely to happen and threaten our existence. The man-made circumstances threatening our existence would arise from our own disputes. Considering the normal human behavior that is still driven by the animal instincts, this threat – this danger – is not only more likely to happen and destroy us but also more difficult to manage by us. In fact, this source adds a serious dimension to our already fragile position.

We pose a question to ourselves: Why should there be any disputes among us, especially when we cherish a common ideal: ‘Ideal of Truth, the truth of everything’, share a common goal: ‘Goal of Well-being of all’ and belong to one human family: Family of Homo sapiens?

Over a period of millions of years in our evolutionary journey, we have come to possess the faculty to ‘Think and Reason’. We have got the capacity to put questions to ourselves; to apply reason and find answers to those questions. Thanks to this faculty of reasoning, we have walked a long way from our cave-dwelling days to this – today’s – scientific age.

In this civilization journey, we have come to know a lot of secrets of the working of Nature, which have been of a great help to us in our daily struggle to survive and flourish. Today we lead a comfortable life only because of our knowledge of these secrets.

In the backdrop of all that we have come to know, we are in the position today to put a generic question to ourselves: Do we have some purpose to be here – any reason to exist at all? Are we – and this creation – an accident wherein we find ourselves posited in this riddle of an unresolved complexity?

Surely, we must put this question. Putting questions is the secret of our progress. We want to know the truth, the truth of everything. The knowledge of every truth – howsoever it is made known to us – has always been to our benefit.

Undoubtedly, in this matter and this time also, the answer to this generic question – in whichever way we get this answer – shall be an addition to the store of our knowledge and to our advantage.

Our story is: We think and reason; we put questions and find answers; we get knowledge and utilize it in technology to make our life comfortable; and, in this way, we march ahead on the evolutionary course of our race – Homo sapiens. Then, why should there be disputes among us that can destroy us? If we realize that our ideal, our goal and our fate as a race is common to us all, how come we feel enemy to one another?

Unfortunately, we have not yet emerged out of our animal existence in many respects; our thinking-power has not yet tamed our base animal instincts; we are still guided by our individual petty sentiments of nations, religions, languages, ethnicity, political ideologies and economic interests and are inimical to one another.

We remain oblivious to the commonality of our ideal, goal and fate, and pursue our mutually inimical agendas and hypocritically pretend otherwise. We pursue our petty selfish interests and doggedly act in unjustified ways, which create uncomfortable conditions and perilous circumstances for life. We are inching towards a situation where this Earth will be turned into an uninhabitable place. In fact, we remain oblivious to the danger of our destruction that we pose to ourselves!

This has been our general history so far. But now it is no more so. In terms of knowledge and technology, what it took us to achieve in centuries, we are achieving now in mere days! Now things have changed and we are moving very fast in time. We have already developed highly efficient – and destructive – technologies and acquired a capacity to destroy ourselves. Our mistakes – our blunders – will not give us a second chance to correct ourselves. And, we are racing ahead in developing more efficient – and more destructive – technologies. We are living in the critical times today!

A fateful question stares us all: How can we guarantee our safety against an ever increasing probability of our extinction in a mass-destruction war launched to resolve our disputes? How can we safeguard ourselves against an unintended accidental blunder in utilizing our technological capacity? Our greed knows no limit; our disputes are countless; and, we are likely to commit blunders any time.

For example, how can we safeguard ourselves against, say, the risk of genetic manipulation of life? Or, an accidentally created  ‘run-away-race’ of robots? Or, creatures powered by Artificial Intelligence? Or, total – or almost total – human unemployment resulting from the deployment of robots? Or, compressing matter / mass / gravity too much and artificially re-creating ‘Black Hole’ in laboratory? Or, ecological imbalance on Earth? Or, over-population, over-demands, over-industrialization? This list will grow with each passing day with the fast developing science. Let us leave apart the danger posed to us by an eventual extraterrestrial catastrophe on Earth and consider how likely we are to destroy ourselves with our own acts!

How can we live in peace as a family, resolve our disputes as rational beings, make progress and realize our dreams? Let us hear a voice of wisdom in this Atomic Age from the people of an ancient land called India.

The voice of India is not the voice of nationalism or religion. It is the voice of an age-old inquiry, discovery and technology: the inquiry into the mystery of this universe; the discovery of working principles of this mysterious universe; and the technology to make humans noble, peace loving and devoted to their supreme welfare, which (technology) was pioneered and enriched by Vedas, Upnishad(s), Purana(s), Mahavira, Buddha, Shankaracharya, Fareed, Guru Nanak, Mira Bai,  Chaitanya, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and many more. It is a civilization.

This knowledge and its application into the technology of Yoga has been deployed by India since ancient times to serve the supreme interest of humanity without any petty reservations of religion, caste, creed, ideology or nationality! This science – knowledge and technology of Yoga – does not allow any space to ‘We versus Others’. It is the secret – the reason – that India in its very long history never invaded any foreign country despite being a mighty power in military, wealth and culture, and still managed to exert its spiritual influence over most of Asia and beyond!

India has an old civilization, which is an unbroken continuity of its past. It has amazingly preserved its wisdom over the ages to face the challenges of an unknown future. India is an ancient but modern nation.

India is a land where space-ships zoom and Bullock carts crawl side by side.  It is a land where English (a modern global language) is spoken by its ordinary folks along with Sanskrit (an ancient language with a computer’s precision) with an equal fervor.

Indian civilization is incredible and it is incredible because its foundation is laid on the open structure of an inquiry with the widest scope. Though it is the way of life of Indian people but its spread is not confined to geographical India and it has nothing to do with Indian nationalism. It is not a religion, in the sense in which religion is generally understood, though it has given birth to world’s many great religions.

In fact, it is a way of life of a people who are earnest in intention, unflinching in aspiration and serene in conduct; who are almost completely devoted in their life in pursuit of this inquiry; and who in aid of this inquiry resort to all means – their mind, emotions, will, conduct and entire self – which they possess as humans! How does this civilization fare in this 21st century?

The history of our race – Homo sapiens – testifies to the fact that it is the inquiry based on reason, which is known today as science and technology, that has given the victory – moral and physical both – to a tiny number of wise people over a large number of ignorant multitude; and has made this ignorant multitude to respect and follow in the footsteps of those wise few.

There has always been wide gap of the perception of truth between the wise few and the ignorant multitude of people. One’s perception of truth is founded on one’s belief; and all beliefs and perceptions of truth go on constantly changing with the advance in science and knowledge with the passage of time. Our civilization is shaped by our beliefs and perceptions of truth, and with the advancement made in our knowledge a civilization too undergoes constant change.

How much is our reigning civilization – Western civilization – in accord with the knowledge in 21st century today, which has been revealed to us by science? What is the position of Indian civilization in this respect? Let us examine the situation and compare the two in this regard.

We know that humanity ever since its emergence out of caves, in pursuit of its unquenchable quest, has been longing to search and know this vast and complex universe. Apparently, this complex universe is made-up of dead matter.

But this universe is not made-up of dead-matter alone; there is life too, at least on Earth. And, life is not dead-matter, though this life may be – or may not be – dependent on dead matter.  Naturally, humanity’s quest is not limited to knowing vast expanse of material universe alone.

Humanity’s gut-feeling is that it is good and advantageous to know this material universe; acquire the knowledge of its operating principles; and win over the material comforts, which comforts are the most enjoying to us. This gut-feeling – of accepting what is apparent to us and utilizing it to our benefit – has been inherited by us from our prehistoric animal days. And we are persisting in this gut-feeling.

Our reigning – Western – civilization is founded on this gut-feeling. This civilization is founded on our knowledge of the material universe and indeed it is dazzling. It provides us comforts and capacity. Because of this knowledge, today we routinely undertake voyage in outer space and shape the material world around us to our liking and comfort.

India is no exception to this natural human urge to know and reap the sweet fruits of this knowledge of the material world. Everyone lives in the material world and no one can escape the realities of this material world. The realities of this material world are not illusions but realities – as real as the realities can be.

No search for the ‘non-material realities’ can ever be made at the cost of the ‘material realities’ of this world. One must first go ahead in exploring this material world, near and far. In fact, the path to search for the realities – whether they are material or non- material – passes only through this material world.

Humanity cannot afford to shun this material world. She must first conquer it by uncovering its working principles and only thence proceed further to the search of other worlds, which may not be so material!

However, we humans have an insatiable inquisitiveness and cannot stop at searching and knowing what is apparent. Our urge pushes us further to search and know what is not so apparent to us. Our insatiable inquisitiveness does not permit us to be satisfied with the enjoyment of material comforts alone.

Our dissatisfaction with the material comforts, curiosity to know more and a deeper urge within to know the truth of everything, psychologically compel us to go further in our quest without any full stop! This compulsion is further accentuated by the impermanence of our life, in the world which is otherwise an eternal entity!

Responding to an inner whisper from the deep within us to make ourselves immortal in this immortal universe, we long to know the phenomenon of life – the life that is just the opposite of dead-matter. A stem of grass, a tree, an insect, in addition to humans, are all conscious of themselves and their surroundings. But what is this consciousness? Is it just a property of life – or something else of an independent existence?

Here, our reason prompts us to make a comparison: We know that all things exist in ‘Time’ and ‘Space’ (which are the two dimensions) and ‘Time” and ‘Space’ have their own peculiar special relativity related properties, which affect all these things! “Time” and “Space” have their independent existence. These two dimensions (Time and Space) not only have their peculiar relativity related properties but they also have many “Planes”. “Space” has three planes: Length; Height; and Breadth. “Time” has two planes: Past; and Future, which are determined by the “Arrow of Time”.

A queer thought here: Could it be so with ‘Consciousness’ too? Could ‘Consciousness” be also a “Dimension”? Could this “Consciousness” be having its many “Planes”? If it is so, then it would be axiomatic to say that all things must exist in “Time”, “Space” and “Consciousness”! But, apparently, we do not find everything possessed of “Consciousness” as we do find them possessed of “Space” and “Time”. Today science is able to conceive that “Things” may exist in “One, Two and Three” planes of Space-Dimension!

What does it mean? It means that, under certain conditions, some of these “Planes” of Space-Dimension may not be ‘visible’ to us in things, though potentially they still remain there! We proceed further in our queer thought: Could it be likewise with the “Dimension of Consciousness” also? If it be so, then everything must be possessed of “Consciousness” either in “visible” or ‘invisible” (latent or potent) form. Also in that event (in accord with the Einstein’s theory of relativity wherein under some conditions “Time” can be converted into “Space” and vice versa), “Space”, “Time” and “Consciousness” could be converted under certain conditions into each other! What does that mean in simple language? It means that under some conditions this entire universe can become a living entity, which concept is very near to our mental idea of the Supreme Divine Being!

Let us come to “Consciousness”. What is consciousness? Naturally, the referral point in our investigation could be our own consciousness – human consciousness.

In pursuit of its inquisitiveness, humans since their cave-dwelling days have been at work to know what life is all about. There is a long history of this pursuit.

It is here that India has contributed the most. It is an addition to the humanity’s storehouse of knowledge. These are the discoveries of the seminal importance to humanity’s ultimate welfare. And, in this statement there is not an iota of nationalism or religiosity.

Many enlightened individuals in India over the ages have realized that – just like ‘Time’ and ‘Space’ – ‘Consciousness’ too is a dimension of the reality of Nature. These individuals also verified the truth of their claim in a credible way. But how did they verify the truth of their assertion? Are these claims not merely their subjective mental impression? What is the guarantee that such claims are true and not the ignorance or deceit?

How do we verify the truth of an assertion – a claim that it is truly so? Fortunately, we have a foolproof test to verify the truth of a claim, which is applied by science every day. What is this test?

Scientists, if their hypothesis is correct, can tell in advance that a certain event shall happen under the given conditions. If that event happens that way, then their hypothesis is correct! All scientific technologies are made possible only because of this certainty of prediction.

This test is routinely applied by science to verify the correctness of a hypothesis. In fact, the modern science is founded on this verification-test methodology. Once an outcome of a hypothesis is predicted and comes true in the experimental test, the hypothesis becomes the part of this science.

Let us apply this scientific truth-verification test to Yogis. Nature uniformly behaves and as is with the science, so is with the Yoga.

Yogis, if their hypothesis is correct, can tell in advance that a certain event shall happen under the given conditions. If that event happens that way, then their hypothesis too is correct!

Science defines those necessary conditions and technology puts those defined conditions into place to bring out the desired result. Likewise, Yoga defines those necessary conditions and Yogis put those defined conditions into place to bring out the desired result.

There is a great wonder that there have been since ages spiritual persons (Yogis) who too could predict many coming events beforehand, which predictions always came true. The world has seen such persons in the past as well as in the present (Read here how in 326 BC a Yogi named Kalanus had foretold six months in advance the coming death of Alexander, the Great). In India – more than any other parts of the world – such spiritual persons or Yogis are a common occurrence. These Yogis are able to foretell coming events – that is, they are able to predict an event beforehand – which truly happens that way. It is the verification of a truth, on the basis of which (knowledge) they are able to make such prediction.

Yogis are no less technologists!

Humanity’s curiosity and persistent efforts to explore and know this life – endowed with consciousness – have knocked at the gate guarding the great secret of the working of this universe. It is not the so-called natural science alone, which has its very recent origin in rationalism that is making this knock. India has been in the forefront since the dawn of civilization in knocking at this ‘Gate of Great Mysteries’ (Refer to prehistoric Rig-Veda’s mysterious Sutras of Hiranygarbha). 

In India, since ages, Rishis, Yogis and Sages have been knocking at this secret gate. These spiritual persons have discovered there exists a bizarre world with subtle conscious entities there. With this knowledge, they laid the foundation of spiritual science and invented the technology of Yoga. Yoga is a unique technology that enables humans to have access to that bizarre world and interact with those subtle conscious entities there.

These Yogis are more profound than the modern natural scientists in the matters of their quality of inquisitiveness to know the truth, depth of their inquiry to uncover the secrets hidden in this universe and penetration of their insight to understand the truth. There is a fascinating history of the development of the science of Yoga, and it is more fascinating than the history of the development of natural sciences.

It was discovered ages ago by Yogis that like Space (with three planes) and Time (with two planes), there are many complex planes of consciousness, of which life is composed and of which humans are not aware. India is the only country that has consistently devoted its major energy since ages to enter this ‘Gate of Great Mysteries’ and uncover the secrets lying behind this gate.

Yogis had uncovered the secret that the ‘human-self’ is not a ‘single homogeneous psychological’ entity – that is, the human’s self is not one homogeneous formation. On the contrary, it is composed of many layers of one’s consciousness.

These spiritual giants assert with authority that there is a great mystery of this universe! This mystery is: Events that we humans perceive here in this material world, do not originate in the first place here in this world; they first happen in subtle worlds at other planes; and thereafter they happen here; it is because of this reason that they are able to foretell coming events and, even, able to influence the events in those subtle worlds before they actually happen here in this material world; and in this way they are able to avert many events that are otherwise destined to happen in this material world!

In India ordinary people, being aware of these mystic realities, live a simple and spiritually wakeful life even in this 21st century in the way they had lived (at least) in 326 BC, when Alexander the Great visited this land. They accord the highest importance to the spiritual wakefulness and, because of this wakefulness, Indians possess an ancient and incredible civilization.

In India the ancient science of Yoga and the modern natural science both are routine parts of its people. While the modern science is concerned with exploring Nature and its working principles, the science of Yoga opens the gate of the secret of all secrets. It opens a way to fabricate the technology that is able to defeat death in this otherwise timeless universe. Yoga enables one to discover and become identified with one’s eternal Psychic Being*. It makes one consciously immortal in time!

In comparison to this knowledge of many planes of human consciousness, the later day discovery of the ‘unconscious, sub-conscious and conscious mind’ by Sigmund Freud is nothing but merely scratching of the surface of a deep mystery lying within human consciousness and beyond.

Yogis tell us that the essence of this universe is not the one that seems in our consciousness apparent to us here; that this essence is different when seen from subtle planes of consciousness and one can make those subtle planes an integral part of one’s own consciousness; that it can be achieved by involving one’s whole being – the physical body and the psychological self, mind and emotions – in the process; and that it is a technology that enables one to bring a complete self-transformation.

The accomplishment by Yoga of this ‘human self-transformation’ is no less a technology based on a science than the modern technology based on natural science. Like natural science, spiritual science of Yoga too has its own special postulates, principles, rules and safety precautions!

Yoga in its impact on human mind is so powerful that its academic education can bring a tectonic shift in human behavior and our economics. Economics is founded on the demand (of consumers) and the supply (of commodities). The knowledge of Yoga has the power to change the priorities of our life.

As economic activities of production, distribution and consumption of commodities are dependent on normal human behavior, a change in this behavior will change the economic model that we follow today.

The academic education of Yoga is sure to create a new perception and awareness about our life. And, in turn, such spiritual awareness will kick-start a chain reaction: Normal human behavior with lesser demands; lesser industrial activities; lesser production; lesser global warming; lesser crimes (born out of the decreasing resources and increasing competition to possess them); and lesser social immorality.

We already know that economic prosperity and wealth, beyond a certain limit, do not necessarily bring more happiness in our life. This wisdom on being augmented with the education of Yoga will usher us into a new age of a simpler and enlightened personal and social life. History teaches us that knowledge, education and awareness have the great impact on our way of life.

India is the land of the greatest discovery ever made by humans. This discovery is: There is an eternal conscious element universally present everywhere and in everything!  It is present even in the nonliving things too in frozen state, which element first descends from the Conscious Singular Supreme Force (or Being or State, which is the same thing) and then ascends to it, again and again in cycles!

The universal presence of this element is the fundamental principle of harmony and unity in humans and all living beings, in an otherwise world of stark diversity. The awareness of this element is the fountainhead of blissful joy in us, a sense of our life’s fulfillment, our love towards fellow humans and the feeling in us of compassion for all living beings.

Yoga’s objective is of the supreme importance in its significance to a human being, in so far as we humans can think of our best interest in this life.

Incidentally, enhancing the life’s span with the aid of modern science’s genetic engineering is nothing in its significance compared to the Yoga’s objective of making one eternally aware of oneself, in an otherwise timeless universe.

Is Yoga a religion – more so the Hindu religion? Yoga is not a religion – Hindu or otherwise. It is a science founded on inquiry and reason. It is summed up by Sri Aurobindo, “All life is Yoga.” Yoga is the foundation of Indian civilization.

Can we define the Indian civilization? Yes. Indian civilization is an outlook from humans’ viewpoint, which regards everything in this world to be nothing but a cosmic evolution in eternal cycles of the supreme conscious reality from its singular state to its infinite discrete states, and back again to that singularity, which (outlook) puts the greatest value on human inquisitiveness, search, knowledge and innovation.

As Yoga is not a religion, Indian civilization too founded on Yoga is not a religion, though this civilization has given birth to world’s many great religions like Hinduism (also called Santan Dharma), Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism, Sikhism. Even spiritually awakened Jesus Christ is claimed by some to have lived in India for about 20 years and got trained by Buddhist masters in the spiritual discipline, which he later taught to his disciples in Jerusalem.

In fact, Hinduism is a way of life. Because of its roots going back in the remote antiquity of India, Hinduism has become one with the Indian civilization. On being rendered impure with the passing of time, Hinduism has been purified again and again by all these Indic faiths.

Indian civilization is like a huge banyan tree with one root having many branches in the form of so many Indic-faiths, each of which branch going deep into the ground to support and nourish this big one tree!

All these Indic faiths are essentially one in their approach and solution to the problems of death, life, universe, eternity and their eternal cycles. (For example, have a look HERE at what Buddha says). While they all are essentially one their approach and solution, they individually lay emphasis on certain aspects differently to meet the demand of different facets of human psychology. This essential unity of their approach and solution is the foundation of Indian civilization.

The vision of this civilization is so broad that it includes within its sweep not merely human beings but all living beings; and, beyond all living beings, it treats every part of Nature as if it is ‘Consciousness in the Frozen State’, which Consciousness may manifest itself under suitable conditions. This vision holds the entire Nature as sacred and inviolable! It is so flexible that it accommodates the religious faiths within its domain that may outwardly appear foreign to its spirit. In its depth and nobility, this civilization has the potential to become the preferred civilization of an enlightened humanity living in this 21st century. This civilization may be termed ‘Scientific Attitude With Spiritual Openings’ (SAWSO) in our global village.

This civilization, which had originated in remote antiquity, is so vibrant that it has defeated the ravages of time and has come unscathed to our own times. Though it is associated with India, but the only role that India fatefully played in its life is to preserve it as a living civilization till our rational age. To be fair, India deserves no more – and no less – credit for achieving this feat!

We are living in rational age today. We know that it is only the inquiry based on reason that can deliver us from the religious ignorance, their hypocrisy and their contradiction of science. Such inquiry only can protect us from the immorality practiced by them to serve their selfish interests.

The first and the foremost truth established by science is that ‘Nature is not capricious’ – that it behaves in similar manner in similar circumstances. Without this property of Nature, science would not have come into existence! Without this property of uniformity and consistency in Nature’s behavior, no technology would have been possible. But we know science predicts and technology performs to make our life easy. In this way, science establishes the truth of its statements and technology translates this truth into practice. The religions contradicting the scientific truth have no moral right to use the products of technology, like    phones, cars, televisions, electricity etc. But they do use them! It is a shame and hypocrisy on their part.

Science also tells there cannot be two contradictory truths – one for natural science and another for spiritual science! If the prophets of organized religions were the messengers of Supreme Divine Truth, then – it is axiomatic to say – such prophets must appear on Earth again and again in similar circumstances! Any claim of ‘the only one prophet’ or, even worse, any claim of ‘the last prophet’ fly in the face of scientific statement! Any war, deceit or allurement to enforce such claim – and to recruit others to believe in such claim – of the organized religions is immoral and hypocrisy.

Such claims are not tenable in this rational age. One may compare such claims with the statement contained in Gita – one of the corner stones of Indian civilization, which statement one would find in accord with science. This statement is spoken by Sri Krishna in Gita thus,”यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत । अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥4 -7॥ परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् । धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥4-8॥ [= Every time whenever there comes into existence a decline of the righteousness, I make Myself manifest in order to establish an ascendance of the righteousness once again. (4.7) To rescue those who are noble and destroy those who are wicked, and to establish once again the rule of righteousness, I make Myself appear in age to age. (4.8))”

This statement spoken by Sri Krishna does not speak of Himself being born as the ‘only incarnation of God’ or the ‘last incarnation of God’, which otherwise would have made Sri Krishna the ‘stand-alone person in history’ or would have made Him born ‘only once in history’. Such claims of ‘stand-alone’ prophet who told the truth or ‘only the last one’ prophet who told the truth fly in the face of science and no rational person can ever believe in such claim!

Because Nature is not capricious, it does not permit an event (of the birth of a prophet or incarnation of God) to happen only once, despite there being similar circumstances, as a ‘standalone’ event! Now, let us proceed further and examine the spiritual persons’ claim of there being many subtle planes of consciousness.

If it is correct that events first happen in the subtle worlds (before they materialize here in our world) and if it is correct that one can visit and witness those events there in those subtle planes of consciousness before they happen here, then the question arises: Can any spiritual person tell us – ordinary mortals – about things that are going to happen next in this material world?

One such spiritual person who was able to visit and witness those subtle worlds is Sri Aurobindo and he says that a new race – a race higher than human race – is going to evolve on Earth! Of course, it is subject to two conditions: Humans must allow our world to survive and its time is dependent on the humans’ willingness to change them!

What is going to happen next on our earth is an evolutionary event. We associate mind – thoughts – with only biological evolution of our brain. But it is a partial truth. Plants, animals and humans all have a plane – vital plane – of consciousness manifested in them but humans alone have a mental plane of consciousness, in addition to the vital.

The next evolutionary agenda of life on Earth is to evolve and manifest a new plane – next plane – of consciousness in humans as a race! The humanity as a race is heading to evolve this next state of consciousness on earth.

It is a prediction, which is yet to materialize. And today, in the rapid development of science, human restlessness and universal human spiritual awakening in this materialistic age, we are already witnessing the precursor signs of an unfolding future in that direction.

We are living today in an incredible age and an incredible voice of India, riding on the wings of information technology, will be heard by humanity – and heard in this Atomic Age with thanks!


Summary of Vision Document:

We humans live on earth but our earth is insignificant in universe. This universe is too big and also too small for us to properly comprehend. We live in time but we do not know how this ‘our time’ started or how many times the ‘original time’ started. It is bewildering, to say the least. Even the  dimensions we live in do not seem to be limited to space and time. In this jumble, there is no reason at all that we should have been here, as we are, in this play-of-the-dead matter except for the reason that life is an integral part of this dead matter, albeit in the potential form. We are conscious because we are life and it highly probable that this life may have many kinds. Luckily, we humans are prone to be curious to know the reality of everything. Fortunately, we have now come to realize that the truth of this reality is not absolute in nature but only  relative and  that this universe is pure energy in essence. In our search for reality of everything we depend on science but we realize that science has limitations and there are many para-normal events that remain unexplained by science. Prudence requires that we should be cognizant of these limitations of science and open ourselves to startling para-normal realities, which exist in Nature. Though many spiritually evolved persons with such paranormal capabilities have been there since ages, still such capabilities have been beyond the reach of ordinary humans. However, as a result of the universal unfoldimg process, akin to biological evolutionary unfolding, these para-normal or occult capabilities are goining, sooner or later, to become part of the daily lives of ordinary humans also, provided we humans are not fools to destroy ourselves before that happens. As rational persons we must realize that Nature itself is nothing but an evolving divinity. Let us realize that life and humans are immortal. Let us realize that life in all its forms is undergoing a cyclic evolution. and that life has a great secret of its immortality. Let us realize that today we are living in critical times. We need to follow the Path of Wisdom. The source of all kinds of our individual and social problems, when seen from the perspective of the occult realities, is found deep-rooted in our internal or psychological make-up. When seen from such perspective, all these problems assume an altogether a different color for finding their solution. We since our debut as humans out of a roaming animal herd have devised and tried many social ideas to solve our serious social problems but have always failed without any semblances of perfection. Such social ideas have been like role of machines, economic exploitation, technology and employment, ecological imbalance, capitalism, communism, democracy etc. However, when we put ourselves on the path of knowing what we really are all our problems – whether confronting us at the individual or societal level – are shifted to a different environment and open new possibilities for us for their solution.


India is a land where bullock-carts crawl and space-ships zoom side by side. It is a land where an ancient language (Sanskrit) and a modern language (English) both are spoken by ordinary people with equal fervor. It is a land where the ancient knowledge of mystic Spirit (to wit, a secret source of enlightenment in the form of an ‘occult’, ‘sacred’, ‘eternal’, ‘all-knowing’, and ‘blissful’ conscious spark within every human-heart and within every particle of universe in latent form) as well as pinnacles of modern scientific knowledge (like Particle Physics and Quantum Mechanics etc.) are parts of daily lives of its people. Ordinary folks here, in this 21st century, still lead their life as simple in ways and high in thoughts as they had lived (at least) in 326 BC, when Alexander the Great visited this land. Indian civilization is an unbroken continuity of its past, like an arrow of time flying from the past to the future. It has amazingly preserved the accumulated wisdom of its past to face the challenges of the future.

This civilization deals with the humanity’s prudent but short-lived concerns of this apparent material world and also with our eternal concerns of the hereafter-world(s) into which we all are pushed for recycling on our death. While so doing, it equitably balances the interests of these rival concerns. Although this civilization is not a religion, it has given birth to several major world religions (e.g. Sanatan Dharma, Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism, Sikhism), which all are congruent with each other in their essence.

It is an incredible civilization!


Today we are living in a wonderful world of immense possibilities. This is made possible by Technology, an offspring of Science. Now science – in its branch called Cognitive Neuroscience – is all set to unveil the working of neurons ‘network’ in brain and unlock the secrets of unconscious, sub-conscious and conscious Mind. What is in store for us? We have a clue of the Nature’s way-of-working: ‘Stable patterns’ are invariably found replicated in Nature at micro and macro scales! We find one stable pattern of orbital revolution (of things) around a nucleus replicated  in Atom, in Solar System, in Galaxies etc. One more stable pattern is ‘Life’, with which our Earth is infested to the brim! Should we hope to find this stable pattern of life being replicated in the ‘network’ of forces in planets, stars, galaxies, black-holes etc.? If it is found so, it would be of more profundity in consequence than the discoveries of atom, relativity, DNA, digital technology etc.! Is our science heading towards an Organic Cosmology? One thing is certain: Future is loaded with more possibilities than what is possible for us now in the Present. Let’s wait and watch!


Our times are ripe for a wholesale change. A ‘New World’ of unimaginable possibilities is before us. But a ‘Gate’ – the gate of obstinacy of our outlook – is obstructing our further move! The key to this ‘Gate’ is: ‘Science in the aid of Mysticism and Mysticism in the aid of Science!’

‘Vision Document’ is recommended for further studies.


Recommended for you ‘Vision Document’ at this site! Why? Because we need to learn and we need to act. With a comprehensive view and comprehensive approach. For everything and at everywhere!


Indian People’s Congress reflects Wisdom of the East. This Wisdom does not belong to any particular region of the world – East, West, South or North. It is a particular mental attitude that a person may have and a person living in the East may belong to the West and another living in the West may belong to the East etc.

Wisdom of the East addresses the supreme and eternal human concerns of life, happiness, peace, progress etc., and points towards the way-out of our serious difficulties in the modern context.

Wisdom of the East is not boxed in any religion, nor its scope is delimited as we find in science and scientific methodology. Its secret domain lies beyond religious dogmas and space-time dimensions of science, although one may hear its faint calling in his or her own religion or one may find its resonance in modern scientific inquiry.

Contrary to dogmatic religiosity, this Wisdom is rooted in the human spirit of questioning. Also contrary to science and its methodology of conducting experiment within space-time constraints, this Wisdom blossoms out of many dimensions, the nature of which are beyond humans mental comprehension.

Wisdom of the East is a vision of inquiry and investigation of the ultimate reality of things as they exist in this universe. In the light of knowledge born out of this inquiry and investigation, it assigns in this universe to humans a glorious place with a sublime purpose. It holds Nature a sacrosanct entity and casts responsibility on humans to treat it with dignity.

It is the path of light, prosperity and happiness for all.

This human inquisitive wisdom strikes at the inmost core of best of human minds. This Wisdom like science does not grope in the dark on the strength of a hypothesis in search of something unknown. In its inquiry, search and understanding of things that are known and that are yet unknown, it adopts an  evolutionary approach and utilizes what is already known by experience and thence proceeds further to the unknown.

This vision understands our world and its burning problems in the light of this evolutionary perspective and guides us like a lighthouse in an unknown ocean. The evolutionary approach helps us in crafting a better future for all of us.

Nevertheless, in crafting a future for ourselves, one has to deal with the present world wherein we live today.

We know that in an integrated world today, our fate in war and peace both is tied together and an ill-motivated act of one of us can kill us all. Despite knowing this commonality of our fate, we as global community allow ourselves to suffer with serious disputes and discord.

We occupy ourselves in pursuit of our own happiness, well-being, peace, progress, prosperity etc., and remain callous to the welfare of billions of others. This attitude on our part gives rise to all kinds of conflicts, disputes and discord.

As a result of this callous attitude, there is a sense of discontent among humanity and an emerging global unrest. Presently almost the entire humanity has been reduced to a mentally and physically restless-lot. As intelligent and enlightened global citizens we need to think wisely and resolve our conflicts and discord amicably.

In the awareness of this emerging global discontent and restlessness, people everywhere need to unite and give this unrest a meaningful  direction in the light of the Wisdom of the East.

We, as human beings, have many shortcomings and failures on our part. In fact, we are still evolving beings and yet imperfect. We, as global citizens, are fellow-travelers riding on a single ship, the ship called Earth. And, we are travelling in an uncharted and unfathomable ocean called universe. We need mutual understanding, compassion and goodwill, so that this ship is not rocked mid-course.

Indian People’s Congress as a political instrument aims at utilizing people’s democratic will to place this vision as a beckoning light before the people of India and humanity at large.

Vision Document of Indian People’s Congress available at this website addresses all these concerns of humanity and concludes that today there is an urgent need on our part to bring a change in the way we think and the way we live.

Indian People’s Congress is decentralized in its organization; follows the policy of alliances with ideologically similar organizations as a political strategy; and relies primarily on information technology for reaching out to people.

Indian People’s Congress is confident that, with the increased penetration of internet and technological advances in automatic language translation, Wisdom of the East will reach more and more people around the world; these wise people will unite and take decision-making into their own hands; and shape the fate of humanity in the light of this Wisdom.


With the advent of 21st century, today we are at the threshold of a third renaissance. What is this new third renaissance? And, what were the earlier two: the first renaissance and the second renaissance?

In the primitive ages, humans were ignorant of the Nature’s ways of working but in due course of time with the discovery of fire, wheel and metal, for the first time they were able to enjoy somewhat security; to afford some leisure moments to think, to be curious about things, to frame questions, and to try to understand Nature and its working. And, then a few wise persons, at different times and different places, investigated Nature through their subjective consciousness and found answers to their queries in religion(s). They led the humanity behind them. Religion was the light of the first renaissance.

Then in due course of time came the second renaissance. A few wise persons out of the multitude that was steeped in religions saw the light of reason. They found cause and effect working in Nature, discovered its laws, established scientific discipline, explained Nature in terms of classical physics, and invented technology. Today we are still led by this light. Our present civilization is also rooted in this renaissance.

But now a few wise persons out of the multitude steeped in ‘Classical Physics’ have rejected this view. They have begun to view Nature differently. Their science is now knocking at the door of ‘Infinity’.

These wise persons now have got a taste of this ‘Infinity’ in their numerous scientific discoveries, a few of which are:

Nature is an integrated cosmos; things in this cosmos are not things but events; these events are not absolute but only relative in their values; events (or entities) are governed not by the cause/effect but by the laws of quantum interactions;  possibility of more than the four known {existential) dimensions is present; dimensions may have their own peculiar corresponding worlds; human-mind’s reason (or artificial intelligence) can be technically created and enhanced; life may be changed by genetic editing; life-consciousness as we know it can exist exterior to human brain; existence of  many (subtle) planes of consciousness is possible; existence of their corresponding worlds is possible and may be accessed hypnotically; there could be cyclic chain of births / rebirths of some kind of consciousness.

These wise persons – scientists – are amazed at such ‘Infinite’ dimension of Nature and are now evolving a radically different view of Nature.

All this new knowledge, still mostly theoretical in nature, would surely be translated into its consequential associated technologies with the passage of time. And, as and when these technologies are made a part of our daily life, they would change our way of life and thinking radically and forever, bringing a new renaissance. We are at the threshold of a third renaissance. 

Fortunately, humanity has already got the store-house of age-old practical (or experimental) experiences dealing with an ‘Infinite Dimension of a para-normal kind’ of this universe, albeit these experiments were carried out from a totally different pedstel. These experiments /experiences are precisely recorded in  their respective literature.

The instances of such experiments/ experiences/ literature are, among many others, Rig-Vedic hymns, ‘Gita’ of Sri Krishna, ‘Dhamma-Pada’ of Gautam Buddha, ‘Yoga-Sutra’of Patanjali, Shankar Acharya, ‘Bible’ of Jesus Christ, Nanak Dev, Farid-ud-Deen, Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo etc.

Significantly many disciplines of modern science (like Einstein’ Relativity; psychology’s sub-conscious and unconscious mind; parapsychology’s Near-Death-Experience, Extra-sensory-Perception; Neuroscience’s signal transmission; Hypnotherapy’s travel of consciousness to past and future) are validating with each passing day the truth of such knowledge.

The third renaissance, despite all prejudicial obstructions by some, will soon be the day-to-day reality  of our lives. 

Vision Document available at this website examines these issues in detail.


For now, the only Light that enables us to have some idea of this grand universe and its deep Mystery – and the idea of still more mysterious presence of Life in this puzzle – is Science, that is, Reason. And Technology is the only help available to us in this jigsaw to survive and prosper in Nature’s hostile regime ! Seen with this light,  universe is an intriguingly Complex Structure.


◆ It is sensible on our part that, for now,  we exclusively depend upon Science and Reason in judging the reality of things around us and the truth of people’s opinions, and we utilize science and technology to the hilt  to search and discover the ways of working of this world, modify things to meet our needs here, and live comfortably.


But, lo and behold, life’s Evolution that evolved Light of Reason is still at work. It is evolving now for the first time in human history further a next higher device of Light of Heart for ordinary human multitude. Seen with this light, universe is an Eternal Play of Infinite Love.


In its efficacy to know the Reality, the light of Heart is a superior Tool than the light of Reason. The light of reason Understands the reality and the light of heart Knows the reality.


But, except in a few cases of evolved humans here and there in different countries and from time to time, humanity at large is not equipped with this Light generally and in a sufficiently developed form. Nevertheless, increasing acceptance by the global community of human-rights-sentiments of ever wider spectrum today is the direct outcome of an increasing influence over humanity of this light of heart.


As mind’s Reason is not the Organic Brain, so is heart’s Light not the Organic Heart but something akin to a search-light from within that pierces the outer appearance of an object under its gaze and unveils its true essence.


Though the Judgment of heart appears to the Reason of mind a sheer stupidity, still this Judgment’s result or output, in our material world, scores a stunning victory over the Reason. To reason, such an output falls in the category of Supernatural and an impossible one, and befundle it.


However, judging by the dismal state of human mentality even today, the common availability of such a tool may take quite a long time – even a very long time – for humanity.  In the meantime,  how we should conduct ourselves to co-exist in peace on Earth and eventually on some other planet(s), is the question to be solved by humanity today.


In any way, to enable this miracle to happen on Earth – which would be more miraculous than the appearance of reason in our race -, we shall have to ensure that there is Global Peace  and Human Survival on this planet. The challenge to these twin objectives is posed by Atomic War,  Climate Change,  Global Terrorism,  extreme un-even distribution of global wealth, robotic human-unemployment and Artificial Intelligence pitted against humanity. 


All these issues are examined in a rational way in Vision Document on this website.

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