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Since our cave-dwelling days millions of years ago, we have been discovering and accumulating knowledge. With every piece of knowledge, bit by bit, we have laid down the foundation of, and built thereon, an elegant edifice of our modern civilization. We are today, what we are because of our knowledge of truth. Knowledge – the knowledge of truth – is the most sacred and precious thing out of all that we possess. {A comment: Knowledge is a common intellectual property. It belongs to humanity in general and to nobody in particular – no matter who discovered it or where it was discovered; for, an individual has to first draw much from an already existing common pool of knowledge before making any new discovery. By making a new discovery one adds to the store of an existing pool of knowledge and thus repays back to the society for what (s)he first drew from it.}

Knowledge is an exposition of truth. Truth is, has been and shall ever be whatever it is, whether we have or do not have its knowledge. The problem arises when we get the knowledge of this truth. {A comment: Often times, truth clashes with what we lovingly hold to our heart. What we lovingly holds to our heart is rooted in our thoughts, desires and physical needs. By the very nature of our circumstances we remain biased. Therefore, it requires honesty and courage to accept the truth when it goes against our own interests. However, when  we are not willing to accept the truth, it is the objective circumstances – circumstances that are beyond our control – that force us to accept it against our wish. This is how things go on changing in human society. This is the way how humanity makes progress.} The truth always remains as it is and singularily one, whether it is known to us or not. When known to us, truth can be seen from different perspectives and described in many ways, in different words and languages. All these differences enhance its spectrum and broaden its meaning and substance for us. It is always advantageous for us to obtain knowledge of truth in its widest scope. How much do we know the truth of this world and of our own entity? We know at least this much:

We are positioned as the leader of the caravan of life on Earth, consisting its multiple forms therein. Because of this privileged position, our sense of equity imposes on us a moral obligation towards all life, which includes our own life: An obligation to preserve this life diligently and treat it fairly. This obligation casts on us the responsibility – the responsibility of high moral and pragmatic value – to conduct ourselves properly. We are wise and aware of the precarious position of our planet in the universe and our life thereon. Our planet, we find, is but a dot in this otherwise limitless universe. We are also aware that we humans have nothing special about us, except one fact: We are ‘inquiring animals’  and undergoing an unceasing evolution, albeit too slow to be perceptible to us. Being placed in such a strange situation, nonetheless we all share common ideal, goal and fate on Earth: The ideal of truth; the goal of happiness; and, the fate of an unknown future. Because of the fact that we possess an inquiring capacity, today we have gained many glorious things in our evolutionary journey, which are reflected in our civilization. We have reached a memorable milestone in this evolutionary journey. {A comment: We have got an amazing technological prowess today: we can visit extra-terrestrial places and are on the verge of settling in those far-away places; we can tinker with genetic architecture of life and shape the life to our liking; we can fabricate artificial intelligence that mimics our brain; and, we can wipe out  even our own existence too on Earth and take down along with us all other forms of life on Earth !}

But the irony is that despite possessing such an amazing capacity to reason, inquire, discover and invent and technological capabilities – that make us so different from animals – we are still nothing more than animals in many other respects. {A comment: In our  psychological disposition deep within us, we are in essence still animals. Like  them, we are guided in our moves to a very large extent by animals’ life’s base instincts – like self preservation, domination etc. – with little or no temper with reason. Unfortunately, we still employ our faculty of reasoning more in serving our these instinctive interests than rising above them.} Like animals, we  have conflicts and disputes among us, which are rooted in these instincts. Like animals, we fight among us. But we fight with an added element of hypocrisy – that animals do not do – to color our evil designs  as just causes. We camouflage realities; we deceive each other; and, we create peril for all of us. With an enormous power in our hands but rooted in animal disposition within, today we have become a race of dangerous beings. This strange situation – great powers in animals’ hands – is perplexing us today. It is the core concern of humanity today. We are unable to make up our mind how to correctly use these powers. It is a critical moment of balancing science versus morality. Humanity is in crisis in dealing with the situation. We have got no sane idea of our way ahead, We are oblivious, in our ignorant bliss, of the evolutionary nature of our existence. We are at the crossroads of our destiny – dazzled with our powers, disoriented to sense our destiny and unable to head onward to our evolutionary journey.

For our own welfare, many fateful questions are crying for our answers: How can we guarantee our safety against our destruction at our hands – willful or accidental? How can we guarantee that our technological powers – like tinkering with life’s architecture, Artificial Intelligence, nuclear fusion / fission etc. – will be used by us only in a wise manner? How can we safeguard our mental health against the invasion of excessive use of technology in our life? How can we fulfill our aspirations of a peaceful and happy life? How can we sense our destiny – the destiny of life? How can we willfully shape our unfolding future in tune of our destiny? Though nobody can anticipate the discoveries lying in the womb of an unknown future and their impact on humanity, still we can prepare ourselves to handle the emerging possibilities wisely. We must prepare ourselves and be wise. We are living in critical times – because, on the one hand, we are already seeing the dawning of an age on the horizon loaded with unthinkable possibilities; and, on the one hand, there is a real danger of taking dreaded missteps by us.

At this critical juncture of human history, the voice of an ancient India  – and its equally ancient technology of Yoga  – can once again help humanity in the way of  Gautama Buddha in finding the correct way forward. Voice of India and its ancient technology of Yoga are founded on inquiry and reason. It is not a religion, though it has given birth to many great religions of the world. It is a voice of the wisdom of humanity. It is for the well-being of all – well-being of all life forms, from the highest to the lowest one, on their evolutionary journey. The  great utility of this wisdom in admirably resolving the humanity’s inquisitiveness, doubts, pains, perplexity and ignorance is well tested by the long experience of ages. This voice harbors no sentiment of nationalism. Nor it is confined to geographical India. Its origin lies in deep mysteries of this universe  and it was heard by Yogis sometime in prehistoric India. Thence it  spread gradually in Asia and other parts of world. Today it knocks globally at the heart of all those who are open to hear their own inner being’s voice.

This voice of wisdom and technology of Yoga is founded on inquiry. Inquiry opens us to the door of knowledge – the knowledge of truth. Inquiry is the powerhouse of our development, progress and evolution. Knowledge makes us different from animals. By making inquiry, we search for what looks to us apparent – that is, matter – and also we search for what is not so apparent to us – that is, what lies beyond this apparent matter. Way to inquiry and knowledge proceeds from the material realities to non-material realities. The only fool-proof way forward for humanity is to make inquiry: an inquiry that is profound in its depth! We are so much above the status of animals only because we have been able to put profound questions to ourselves and inquire about them. We have acquired material comforts – and a civilization based on those comforts – solely because we have been able to put to ourselves questions and apply our mind to find answers to those questions.

However, our inquiring nature does not allow us to remain satisfied with the material comforts that we acquire. Our dissatisfaction with material comforts, curiosity to know more and a deeper urge within us prompt us to go beyond what is so apparent, to search for the reality there and ultimately to know the truth of this universe – this universe, including us. {A comment: Today when we know that everything ‘exists’ in Space and Time, we can very well hypothesize the possibility that everything may ‘exist’ not only in ‘Space and Time’ but even in ‘Space, Time  and Consciousness’. It is a possibility that is faintly indicated by modern science but firmly asserted by the science of Yoga.} An inquiry should be a welcome thing into this field.

Yoga asserts  that there is nothing in universe that is not life – life either in the manifest form or in a potential possibility. In fact, whatever we find present in this universe, including life, was always there in the form of a possibility – that is, in the potential form. But it is a theory; what is the test that guarantees that this assertion is true? The test of truth of an assertion – whether made by modern science or ancient Yoga – is the ability to make correct prediction of the future event. Science is believed only because it is capable to make correct predictions of future events. It does so daily. As science makes correct predictions of future, so do Yogis make correct predictions of future. Scientists make their prediction of future events in ‘controlled conditions’ in their laboratories; Yogis make their prediction of future events in the ‘infinite and open cosmic conditions’ by transforming them into ‘human laboratories’ !! This is the only difference between the two. Both are science, if testified on the anvil of their ability to make correct prediction of the future events.

Yoga is the science of self-transformation. Yogis, like scientists, are great technologists. Yogic self transformation by a person brings in his / her life an awakening into a new birth. These transformed persons – Yogis – are able to see realities of this universe, which are beyond the capacity of normal humans, and are able to perform acts, which are considered by normal humans as miracles or super-natural. {A comment: Accomplished Yogis know it very well and assert that there is a  conscious subtle world behind this apparent material world. They had discovered long ago that ‘human self’ is composed of many layers of one’s consciousness. These layers are connected to as many subtle worlds behind this apparent world. Yogis know that events of every kind, which happen in this material world, first do happen in those subtle worlds – before they appear in the material world and become known to us.} It is because of this extraordinary capacity of Yogis that they are able to foretell the coming accident or death of a particular person, although it is prohibited by the rules of Yoga to utilize their such abilities.

Yoga is an elaborate discipline of science. This science connects humans to the realities of subtle worlds. It opens a guarding gate to great mysteries of this universe for us. The technology of Yoga makes it possible for us to become eternally conscious of our ‘true’ self in this equally eternal universe. Yoga enables one to obtain the supreme good of his / her life in this world and creates, as a concomitant byproduct, a harmonious and peaceful surrounding to that life. {A comment: Indian civilization is very old and its foundation is laid on Yoga. It is worth emphasizing that Yoga is not a religion. Yoga, and a civilization founded on Yoga, holds every part of Nature as if it were a sleeping life – that is, life in potential form. From the Yogic perspective, nature is  a sacred entity and its unjustified aggression by us is forbidden. What is this unjustified aggression is clearly defined by the discipline of Yoga. There is no ambiguity in this respect.} Our current civilization is founded on principles that are selfish and immoral to the core and makes an unjustified aggression on nature.

The discipline of Yoga greatly influences the human thinking and life. Yoga’s impact is so profound on human mind that its education has tremendous power to change the humans’ individual and social behavior for the good. {A comment: History testifies to the fact that under its influence once – in 629 AD as related by the Chinese traveler Heuen Tsiang – Indians were so innocent that they did not put locks to their houses during their absence from there as there was nobody to steal.} Yoga’s education can bring a fundamental shift in individual and collective human behavior, our social institutions and economics. Its education can provide a pleasant solution to our burning problems of economic and social conflicts today. Yoga is more yielding in results than modern sciences in the matters of utility to achieve our cherished goals of happiness and peace.

Humans – unlike animals – have their self-regulated social life. This social life is our civilization. Our civilization is an outer sign – manifestation – of  an inner state of our collective consciousness. It is based on certain agreed values. Our civilization is an outer reflection of the reality of our inner  consciousness. It is a refection of the reality of an inner state of our social psyche. Being only an outer reflection of an inner – spiritual – state of  our being, our civilization is also a measure of our inner spiritual evolution. By that measure, we are at a very low point in our spiritual development. Humans cherish to achieve high standards of their material life but they are equally – if not more – concerned with achieving high standards of their spiritual or inner psychological life too. Fortunately, evolution of life – development of biological material comforts and development of spiritual inner peace and happiness both – is an unceasing process, which constantly forces to bring a change in human civilization with the passage of time.

Today the evolutionary agenda of life on our planet is to rise further in our consciousness on the strength of our own intellectual achievements and cross over the natural human limitations. If we are not willing to change ourselves, these very intellectual accomplishments would create circumstances that would compel us to acknowledge things that are now beyond human pale. The agenda of life put before us by evolution is to rise a notch higher in our consciousness than it is now; and then to express this higher level in our collective life. {A comment: To make it more explicit, let us realize that we now live a life of the mental consciousness, which is a notch higher than that of animals and evolution is pushing for a further rise in humanity’s internal psychological disposition as a race.} Obviously this evolutionary stage, as and when achieved, would surely be qualitatively higher than what we possess today – just as our mental plane is qualitatively higher than of animals.

Then, this new evolutionary pedestal would slowly and naturally connect us as a race to the realities of subtle worlds and their mysteries. {A comment: This event on slowly becoming an integral part of our race would make it a daily routine for us to see and do what legends of Krishna, Buddha, Christ etc. narrate, which no skeptic is ready to believe.} It would be the debut of a new race and beginning its new evolutionary journey. As today we create artificial intelligence or engineer genetic architecture of life, which are mysteries for animals, so this new race would modulate subtle worlds around them, which are mysteries to us today. It is so simple and natural a phenomenon. What is not so simple and so natural is the phenomenon of evolution, which had brought changes to life (and in the entire universe) in the past and would bring them in the future as well. Mysteries have puzzled humanity since it came out of caves and would continue to puzzle it – it is the powerhouse of ever new discoveries. What we are going to witness in near future – of which signs are already on the horizon – is that humans’ psychological transformation would be most visible in their civilization – sprouting of a new civilization that would be better in crucial aspects than the one under which we are living today. Our reason and wisdom call us to acquire this ancient and time tested knowledge; to make this knowledge a part of our collective psyche and to utilize its full potential to our own advantage.

It is our individual and collective responsibility to become aware of this human evolutionary march and to help serve its goal. Its knowledge makes us wise. Its awareness helps us move forward towards our destiny. {A comment: In pursuit  of this evolutionary agenda, we feel ourselves obligated to  serve the cause of knowledge, equity, amity and peace – that is, to serve the cause of knowledge by fighting ignorance with the use of inquiry and reason; to serve the cause of equity by siding with the justice and fairness; to serve the cause of amity by promoting mutual understanding and respect; and, to serve the cause of peace by minimizing scope of conflicts and disputes among us.}

The life and mission of Indian People’s Congress is to serve the human evolutionary  cause without any distinction of nation, race, religion or ideology. In its work, Indian People’s Congress exclusively relies on the strength of information technology. In pursuit of its mission, Indian People’s Congress follows the policy of cooperation with all political, social, economic and cultural forces that are advancing this cause, whether within India or outside India.

Let us all march towards a golden tomorrow – a tomorrow borne out of human wisdom. Let us no more remain content being humans – better than animals – but rise further and become better than humans. Future is awaiting human awakening – awakening towards unthinkable possibilities for humans !

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India is spiritual guide of humanity. A Mantra in Upnishad# invokes Divine thus: “O Divine Supreme Being! I desire that all living beings may be happy; that all may be without any disease. I desire that I see all around me noble things; I desire that I may not be made to witness any kind of sorrow-causing calamity. O Divine! I beseech thee to ensure there is peace, peace, peace!” (Original in Sanskrit: “ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ।  शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥” उपनिशद)

#Upnishad(s) are ancient Sanskrit books of spiritual knowledge.

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    Of course, POLITICS is the most important tool (for change) in the society but no political party, either in India or abroad, has gravity similar to IPC. However, I am interested to learn at first about IPC.

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