In this vast universe, Earth is our only home. It is so at least till now. Our Earth’s insignificant position in this seemingly edge-less vastness, instills in us an awe of the fragility of our existence.

As intelligent beings, the realization of fragility of our existence must be enough to force in our mind an idea – a sense – of urgency to take all possible preventive steps to protect ourselves against any threat to our existence and forge our unity for this common cause. This threat to our existence could be from the two sources: an event of extraterrestrial  nature causing catastrophe on Earth and the calamity caused by man-made circumstances. The man-made threat is directed at us from our own serious disputes. This threat adds an extra dimension to our fragility of existence.

Image result for earth our home in universe image

(Sun in our galaxy (one out of many galaxies) is but a dot! Our Earth – our Home – is even difficult to spot!!)

We are humans – anatomically all alike. We all cherish a common ideal: Truth, truth of everything. We share a common goal: Well-being of all. Why should there be any dispute among us, when we have the common ideal and goal?

As humans we have the faculty to think and use reason. We have the capacity to put questions to ourselves, apply our reason and find answers to those questions. Thanks to this faculty of reasoning, we have walked a long way from our cave-dwelling days to this – today’s – scientific age.

Image result for scientific questions images

(Why, why ….? Because we inquired and searched, from animals we became humans!)

In this civilization journey, we have come to know many secrets of Nature to our advantage.

In the backdrop of all that we have come to know, we are in the position today to put a generic question to ourselves: Do we have some purpose to be here – any reason to exist at all? Are we – and this creation – an accident wherein we find ourselves posited in this riddle of an unresolved complexity?

Surely, we must put this question. We want to know the truth, the truth of everything. Surely, this knowledge too – whenever we get it – will be to our advantage.

Image result for life made easy by science imagesImage result for comforts of science images

(Knowledge makes our life easy!)

In addition to our common ideal and goal, we share a common fate on Earth. Then, how come we feel enemy to one another?

The fact is, we are guided by our individual sentiments of nations, religions, languages, ethnicity, political ideologies and economic interests and are inimical to one another. The fact is, we are oblivious to the commonality of our ideal, goal and fate, we – most of the humanity – pursue our mutually inimical agendas and hypocritically pretend otherwise. In pursuit of our selfish interests, we doggedly act in unjustified ways,  which create conditions turning our common home uninhabitable place, and even being destroyed at our own hands!

Image result for atomic destruction images

(We have the capacity to destroy our world!)

So far this has been our general history. But now the time has changed. We have developed the highly efficient – and destructive – technologies and have acquired a capacity to destroy ourselves easily. We are living in the critical times now.

A fateful question stares us all: How can we guarantee our safety against an ever increasing probability of our extinction at our own hands in an atomic war launched to resolve our disputes? How can we safeguard ourselves against an unintended accidental blunder in genetic manipulation of life? How can we protect ourselves against an accidentally created  ‘run-away-race’ of robots powered by Artificial Intelligence? How can we safeguard ourselves against the danger of ecological imbalance on Earth; or against over-population; over-demands; over-industrialization; or even an eventual extraterrestrial catastrophe on Earth?

Image result for humans are one family images

(We are a family … really are we?)

How can we live in peace as a family, make progress and realize our dreams? Let us hear a voice of wisdom in this Atomic Age from the people of an ancient land called India.

Indian civilization is an unbroken continuity of its past. It has amazingly preserved its wisdom over the ages to face challenges of the future. India is an ancient but modern nation.

Image result for dhola vira and mohenjo daro images

(Harrapa, Mohenjo Daro, Dholavira, Rakhigarhi – Indians living 5000 to 9000 years ago)

India is a land where bullock-carts crawl and space-ships zoom side by side. It is a land where Sanskrit (an ancient language with a computer’s precision) and English (a modern global language) both are spoken with equal fervor by ordinary folks.

Indian civilization is incredible because its foundation is laid on inquiry. It is a way of life. Indian civilization has nothing to do with nationalism. Indian civilization is not a religion, though it has given birth to world’s many great religions.

Image result for kumbh mela images

The history of our race – homo sapiens – testifies to the fact that it is the reason and inquiry in the form of science and technology that have given a tiny number of wise people the victory – moral and physical both – over a large number of ignorant multitude; and made the ignorant multitude respect and follow the wise few.

This victory of the wise few over the ignorant multitude is achieved by, firstly, in morality by achieving a better claim to the truth; and secondly, in war against the brutes force of the ignorant lot by possessing ever better weapons.

A person is the product of his or her belief, which belief in turn is founded on one’s ‘perception of truth’. This perception of truth goes on changing continuously with the advancements made in science and technology with the passage of time. Our civilization too, based on our perception of truth, likewise goes on changing continuously with the change in science and technology.

Image result for changing beliefs images

(Truth for us is what we believe to be true and not what this truth in fact is!)

How do we perceive the truth today? How much our current civilization is in accord with our ‘perception of truth’ in 21st century? How does this ancient – and modern – India fare in this respect?

We are aware that humanity, in pursuit of its unquenchable quest, has ever since its emergence out of caves is longing to explore and know this complex world – near and far in the universe. Apparently, this complex world is made-up of dead matter.

Image result for material universe images

(This visible universe is made-up of matter)

But this world is not made-up of dead-matter alone; there is life too, at least on Earth. And, life is not dead-matter, though this life may be – or may not be – dependent on dead matter. The quest of humanity is not limited to knowing this vast expanse of material universe alone.

Humanity has a gut-feeling that it is good and advantageous for us to know this material world – material world far and near; to acquire the knowledge of its operating principles and thereby win over the material comforts around us, which are most enjoying to us. Our civilization is founded on this acquired knowledge of the material universe. This civilization is indeed dazzling in providing us comforts and capacity. We routinely voyage in outer space and on Earth we routinely use this capacity to shape the macro and micro world to our comfort.

Image result for isro

(Mangalyan – Blasting off to Mars – What is there in the outer Universe?)

India is no exception to this natural human urge to know our material world and reap the sweet fruits of this knowledge. Everyone of us live in the material world and no one can escape the realities of this world. The realities of this material world are not illusions but as real as any reality can be – as we say, the hard realities. No search for the non-material realities can ever be made at the cost of the material realities of this world. One must go ahead and explore this material universe, near and far. The path to search for the realities – whether they be material or not material – passes through this material world. Humanity cannot shun this material world and must conquer it by uncovering its working principles first and thence proceed further to the search of worlds that may not be so material!

Image result for mars images released by isro

(What is there on Mars? Images of Mars sent by Mangalyan)

However, we humans have an insatiable inquisitiveness. Humanity is not satisfied with the enjoyment of these material comforts alone.

This underlying dissatisfaction, curiosity to know more and a deeper urge within, all make humanity to go further in its quest to know the reality of everything.

This feeling of dissatisfaction and the curiosity to know more is further accentuated by the fact of impermanence of our life, in an otherwise eternal universe.

Humanity longs to know equally – if not more – complex phenomenon of this life, with which she is endowed. This life is conscious. A stem of grass, a tree, an insect, in addition to humans, are all conscious of their life and surroundings. But what is this consciousness? Is it just a property of life – or something having its own independent existence? Here, one will surely have a comparison to make in one’s mind: Time – a dimension – is associated with things, but it has an independent existence; Space – another dimension – is associated with things, but it has an independent existence.

Image result for space and time images

(Things in Space and Time, still better – Events in Space, Time and Consciousness!)

A queer thought: Could it be so with ‘Consciousness’ too? In that event – it is axiomatic to say – every particle of matter in this universe must be having consciousness as an ingradient inherent in it – either in invisible (potent) or visible (latent) form. Also in that event – as Einstein in his theory of relativity has demonstrated that under some conditions Time can be converted into Space and vice versa – there must be some conditions available in this cosmic existence when Time and / or Space could be converted into Consciousness. What does that mean in simple language? It means that this universe under some conditions could become just a conscious entity, which is very near to our mental idea of the Supreme Divine Being!

What is consciousness?

Image result for what is consciousness images

(What is consciousness? Brain’s output? Brain, the trans-receiving device?)

In pursuit of its inquisitiveness, humans since their cave-dwelling days have been at work to know what life is all about. There is a long history of this pursuit.

It is here that India has contributed the most. It is an addition to the humanity’s storehouse of knowledge. These are the discoveries of the seminal importance to humanity’s ultimate welfare. And, in this statement there is not an iota of nationalism or religiosity.

Many enlightened individuals in India over the ages have realized that – just like ‘Time’ and ‘Space’ – ‘Consciousness’ too is a dimension of the reality of Nature. These individuals also verified the truth of their claim in a credible way.

But how did they verify the truth of their assertion? Are these claims not merely their subjective mental impression? What is the guarantee that such claims are truth and not ignorance or deceit?

How do we verify the truth of an assertion – a claim that it is truly so? Fortunately, we have a foolproof test to verify the truth of a claim, which is applied by science. This test is: One should be able beforehand to predict the result, that is, if the process is completed or repeated again and again under the conditions, as these conditions should be, then the result of the outcome should be known beforehand or predicted beforehand.

Image result for how to make scientific inquiry images

(Scientific inquiry: Pose question, predict, experiment and verify)

This test is routinely applied by science to verify the correctness of a hypothesis. In fact, the modern science is founded on this verification-test methodology. Once an outcome of a hypothesis is predicted and comes true in the experimental test, the hypothesis becomes the part of this science.

There is a great wonder that there have been since ages persons who too could predict many coming events beforehand, which predictions always came true. The world has seen such persons in the past as well as in the present. And all of them are spiritually accomplished persons. In India – more than any other parts of the world – such persons are a common occurrence. These spiritual persons are able to foretell coming events – that is, they are able to predict an event beforehand – which truly happens that way. It is the verification of a truth, on the basis of which (knowledge) they are able to make such prediction.

Image result for ramakrishna images

Related image


Image result for shirdi sai images

(Ramakrishna, Neem Karoli Baba, Shirdi Sai and countless others, who foretold events)

Humanity’s curiosity and persistent efforts to explore and know this life – endowed with consciousness – have knocked at the gate guarding the great secret of the working of this universe. It is not our science alone, which has a very recent origin in rationalism, that is making this knock; Rishis, Yogis, sages, saints etc. – all spiritual persons – have also been knocking the secret gate. These spiritual persons had uncovered ages ago a great secret. The secret is: The ‘human-self’ is not one homogeneous psychological formation – that is, a human’s self is not one homogeneous entity; it is composed of many layers of one’s consciousness.

India has been in the forefront since the dawn of civilization in knocking at this ‘Gate of Great Mysteries’ (Refer to prehistoric Rig-Veda’s mysterious Sutras of Hiranygarbha).   It was discovered long ago that (just like Space, which has three planes – length, wideth, height and like Time, which has two planes – past and future determined by arrow of Time)  there are multiple and complex planes of consciousness, of which humans are composed of and of which they are not aware. India is the only country that has consistently devoted its major energy since ages to enter the ‘Gate of Great Mysteries’  and uncover the secrets hidden there.

Related image

(What is the secret of this existence – of life inside us and of universe outside us?)

These spiritual persons assert that the great mystery of this universe is this: Events that we humans perceive here in this material world, do not originate in the first place in this world; they first happen in subtle worlds; and thereafter they happen here. It is because of this reason that such spiritually accomplished individuals are able not only to foretell coming events but even have an ability to influence events in those worlds before they actually happen here – and in this way able to avert many events destined to happen in this material world.

In India ordinary people, being aware of this knowledge, live a simple and spiritually wakeful life even in this 21st century in the way they had lived (at least) in 326 BC, when Alexander the Great visited this land. They accord the highest importance to suchlike wakefulness and in this these people possess an ancient and incredible civilization.

India is the land where this ancient science of Yoga and the modern science both are routine parts of its people. While modern science is concerned with exploring Nature and its working principles, the science of Yoga opens the gate of the secret of all secrets: to wit, how one can defeat the death in this timeless and infinite Nature by becoming aware of one’s own eternal existence (by discovering one’s own Psychic Being*).

Image result for supramental body sri aurobindo images

(Connected to different planes of Consciousness)

Spiritually accomplished persons assert that ‘Consciousness’ has not one – the human one – but many ‘planes’ and their own worlds outside of humans, which remain beyond us, alien and mysterious to us.

In comparison to this spiritual understanding of these planes, the later day discovery of the ‘unconscious, sub-conscious and conscious mind’ by Sigmund Freud is nothing but merely scratching the surface of the mystery, which lies deep within human being and beyond.

Image result for psychic being images

(Consciousness – a dimension like Time and Space, with many planes.  We can connect with them)

These spiritually accomplished persons tell us that the essence of this universe is not the one as we perceive it here in our human consciousness. They also tell – and we repeat India has been the pioneer in this field by producing a succession of such individuals – that one can make those subtle planes of consciousness an integral part of one’s own personality; that it can be achieved by involving one’s whole being – the physical body and the psychological self, mind and emotions – in the process; and that this process is nothing but an exercise aimed at one’s conscious and complete self transformation.

In India it is called Yoga. The accomplishment of the transformation of ‘human-self’ is a science – no less a science than the most modern physical science with its own special rules.

Image result for kundalini images

(Changing complete self – mind, vital and body)

Incidentally, this knowledge, by making it the part of our academic education, has the potential to bring a tectonic shift in our current economics. Economics is founded on the demand of consumers and the supply to meet those demands by manufacturers. This knowledge, education and awareness will change our priorities of life, in turn lessening our demands and quantum of consumption. Decrease in demand will cause the lesser production of commodities. This economic cause and effect process will usher us not only in an age of simpler life but will also check our downslide on the fronts of global warming, crimes born out of decreasing resources and social morality.

History teaches us that knowledge, education and awareness have the great impact on our way of life.

Image result for swami vivekananda images

(Swami Vivekanda, who first made the West aware about Yoga)

India is the land of the greatest discovery ever made by humans. This discovery is: There is an eternal conscious element universally present in everything (even in nonliving things in frozen state), which descends from and ascends again and again to the Conscious Singular Supreme Force (or Being or State, which is the same thing).

The universal presence of this element is the fundamental principle of harmony and unity in humans and all living beings, in an otherwise world of stark diversity. This element is the fountainhead in us of blissful joy, a sense of life’s fulfillment, love towards fellow humans and the compassion for all living beings.

Image result for psychic being images

(Sri Aurobindo – Who spoke of Yoga in this age of science with reason)

Yoga’s objective is of the supreme importance in its significance to a human being, in so far as we humans can think of our own interest in this life.

Incidentally, enhancing the life’s span with the aid of modern science’s genetic engineering is nothing in its significance compared to the Yoga’s objective of making one eternally aware of oneself, in an otherwise timeless universe.

Image result for psychic being images

(Your immortal self, situated deep within and enveloped by many layers of human consciousness – demands, desires, thoughts)

Is Yoga a religion – more so the Hindu religion? Yoga is not a religion – Hindu or otherwise. It is a science founded on inquiry and reason. It is summed up by Sri Aurobindo, “All life is Yoga.” Yoga is the rock-bottom foundation of Indian civilization.

Can we define the Indian civilization? Yes. Indian civilization is an outlook from humans’ viewpoint, which regards everything in this world to be nothing but a cosmic evolution in eternal cycles of the supreme conscious reality from its singular state to its infinite discrete states, and back again to that singularity, which (outlook) puts the greatest value on human inquisitiveness, search, knowledge and innovation.

Image result for mediation in moonlit night images

(Indians – Ancient; Contemplating; Simple; Loving; Well-wishers of All)

Is Indian civilization a religion? Indian civilization is not a religion, though it has given birth to world’s many great religions like Hinduism (also called Santan Dharma), Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism, Sikhism. (Even spiritually awakened Jesus Christ is claimed by some to have lived in India for about 20 years and got trained by Buddhist masters in the spiritual discipline, which he later taught to his disciples in Jerusalem).

In fact, Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) is not a religion – but a way of life – that has become the synonym of Indian civilization, which is getting its nourishing strength from these Indic faiths. On becoming stagnant and decayed with the flow of time, Indian civilization was purified again and again by the founders of these Indic faiths.

Image result for hinduism like a banyan tree images

This ancient civilization is like a huge banyan tree with one root having so many branches in the form of Indic-faiths and each one going to the ground to support and nourish this big one tree – Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Shaivism and, even remotely connecting to Zoroastrianism in antiquity. All the Indic faiths are essentially one in their approach and solution to the problem of uncovering the secrets of eternity, universe, life, death and the eternal cycles of all these entities.

Image result for buddha images

(Buddha: What is the cause of Birth, Death, Universe, … ? – Exploring the inner Universe)

Because of this Yoga, Indian civilization is so interconnected with Sanatan Dharma and other Indic faiths that they all have become almost synonymous with each other with the difference merely of their special emphasis on certain aspects here and there. This civilization is the only one among all the other ancient civilizations that is still extant on Earth as a living civilization.

It is so broad in its vision that it includes not only human beings but even all living beings and it is so flexible and powerful in its vision that it can accommodate, and even assimilate, the elements of faiths that seem outwardly foreign to its own life. It has the nobility and depth of an enlightened civilization of the 21st century.

Image result for iskcon kirtan image

(O Divine, I see Only You in Everything! Everywhere! I Sing Thy Name!)

The only role that India fatefully played in this respect is to preserve it as a living civilization till our own times. India deserves no more – and no less – credit for this feat!

Ultimately, it is the reason and inquiry that will deliver the humanity from ignorance and tyranny of force and coercion. It is the reason and inquiry that will deliver humanity from the immorality of deceit and allurement of the dogmatic and organized religions of our world. It is the reason and inquiry that will usher humanity into an age of universal inquiring spiritualism, sans fanatic religious dogmatic prescriptions and their God’s command.

It is the reason and inquiry – whether in the outer universe towards finding some extraterrestrial habitable places or in the inner domain of consciousness towards finding one’s eternal conscious self – that will reveal the truth and make this truth prevail over the ignorance.

But is this alleged truth not what we have been hearing since ages from India? What is there that is anything new? Buddha told this; Mahavira told this; Nanak, Fareed, Nizamuddin and Yogis, saints, sages and countless other spiritual masters told this. There is nothing new here.

If events happen first in the subtle worlds before they materialize here in our world and if one is able to visit and witness those events there in those subtle planes of consciousness before they happen here, then can some spiritual person tell us what is going to happen next in our world? Yes.

What is going to happen next on our earth is an evolutionary event. We associate mind – thoughts – with only biological evolution of our brain. It is a partial truth. Plants, animals and humans all have the vital plane of consciousness manifested in their biological bodies but humans alone have the mental plane of consciousness, in addition to the vital. Biological brain – be it in humans or animals or stimuli in plants – is a trans-receiver!

Image result for supramental body sri aurobindo images

The evolutionary agenda of life is the manifestation of a new plane – next plane – of consciousness as a race here on earth. What we as humans have here on earth for thousands – if not millions – of years is the mental plane of consciousness, in addition to the vital plane. The evolutionary state next to the mental plane is the supramental plane and the humanity as a race is heading to evolve this next state on earth.

It is a prediction, which is yet to be materialized. And today, in the rapid development of science, human restlessness and universal human spiritual awakening in this materialistic age, we are already witnessing the precursor signs of an unfolding future in that direction.

We are living today in an incredible age and an incredible voice of India, riding on the wings of information technology, will be heard by humanity – and heard in this Atomic Age with thanks!


Footnote: *What is Psychic Being? Click HERE.

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(India is spiritual guide of humanity)

A Mantra in Upnishad# invokes Divine thus: “O Divine Supreme Being! I desire that all living beings may be happy; that all may be without any disease. I desire that I see all around me noble things; I desire that I may not be made to witness any kind of sorrow-causing calamity. O Divine! I beseech thee to ensure there is peace, peace, peace!” (Original in Sanskrit: “ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ।  शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥” उपनिशद)

#Upnishad(s) are ancient Sanskrit books of spiritual knowledge.


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